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Seth Rogen Has Spent Lockdown Smoking 'An Ungodly Amount Of Weed' And Making Soap Dispensers

Seth Rogen Has Spent Lockdown Smoking 'An Ungodly Amount Of Weed' And Making Soap Dispensers

The actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show where he talked about what he's been doing during lockdown

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Seth Rogen has said he's getting through lockdown by smoking an 'ungodly amount of weed' and spending a lot of time doing pottery.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live From His House, the Superbad actor started the interview by playing a bit of a prank on the host.

The segment began normally enough with Rogen telling Kimmel he was doing OK and asking how he was getting on.

But as Kimmel carried on with his questions it quickly became clear Rogen wasn't actually responding to them.

As the camera cut back to Rogen's stream, the actor can be seen moving a tablet away from the camera to reveal he was actually just sharing a pre-recorded clip.

When asked about it, he said after doing a lot of Zoom calls he realised 'I don't actually have to be there for them'. Pretty good idea, that.

Kimmel then pointed out that Rogen is basically an ideal participant for lockdown, given his well-publicised hobbies, to which the actor agreed, quipping: "Yeah, we are not all in this together, because this has not been hard for me, I'll be totally honest. I've kinda been self-isolating since 2009."

Opening up about how he's spent his lockdown, he said: "Yep, pottery and ceramics - done a tonne of that and I've smoked a truly ungodly amount of weed since I've been in quarantine. More than normal, yeah... thank God it's been declared an essential service - because truly, for me, it is essential."

Rogen also revealed he has three potter's wheels, a kiln - the works. He then showed off some soap dispensers he's been making - very apt under the circumstances.


He's also taken part in Zoom yoga classes hosted by his mum, although he admitted he found his mum's voice 'the least calming and centring thing possible'.

The actor even celebrated his birthday while in quarantine, which for most of us wouldn't be much fun, but Rogen said his missus arranged for some of his pals to drive past and wave and said that was pretty ideal for him. Fair enough. Happy belated birthday, mate!

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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