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Shane Meadows And Stephen Graham Offered To Adopt This Is England Star Thomas Turgoose After His Mum Died

Shane Meadows And Stephen Graham Offered To Adopt This Is England Star Thomas Turgoose After His Mum Died

Thomas Turgoose's mother died before seeing This is England, but Stephen Graham and Shane Meadows wanted to make sure he was OK

Thomas Turgoose has said that Shane Meadows and Stephen Graham offered to adopt him after his mother died.

Meadows directed This is England, the 2006 British drama filmed that starred both Graham and Turgoose, and even dedicated the film to the memory of Turgoose's mum Sharon after she died not long after the film wrapped.

While his mum never saw the finished version of the film, she did manage to see a short cut of it, and would no doubt have been proud of her son's performance.

Speaking on the Private Parts podcast, Turgoose explained how he was planning to go to live with his father, but didn't know him that well.

Stephen Graham (right) and Thomas Turgoose (second left) in This is England.
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His relationship with Meadows and Graham was so close they agreed they'd adopt him if it didn't work out with his dad.

Turgoose - who was just 13 years old at the time of filming - went on to say that Graham promised his mum that he'd look after him, and was willing to follow through on that promise to whatever end necessary.

He told podcast hosts Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle: "My mum passed away from lung cancer after I finished filming This Is England. She never got to see the finished film.

"Shane Meadows dedicated the film to my mum.

"Stephen Graham promised my mum he'd look out for me. Everyone involved in This is England are family to me."

He continued: "When my mum died I moved in with my dad and I didn't know him so Shane Meadows and Steven Graham were going to adopt me if things didn't work out with my dad."

It could have all gone wrong for the youngster before he got his big break, and he admitted that he was 'destined for prison' before landing his breakout role in Meadows' film

He said: "I was destined for prison. Shoplifting things I didn't need. There was a hardware store in Grimsby that I used to steal spray paint from for no reason."

Turgoose alongside Shane Meadows and the This is England '86 cast.

Luckily, things did work out for Turgoose, and he has gone on to enjoy a successful career, including starring in several more This is England projects, Game of Thrones, and new TV series Intergalactic.

He even got married back in 2018, inviting co-stars and friends such as Graham, Vicky McClure, Andrew Ellis, and Jo Hartley to the nuptials.

Announcing the happy news on Twitter, he wrote: "My love heart emoji has taken a battering today. Thanks for all your love, now it's time to celebrate married life in Miami with Charlotte Revell. Get that sexy underwear out girl."

You can listen to the whole podcast with Thomas Turgoose on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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