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Two Adult Sisters Still Sleep In The Same Bed Together With One Of Their Husbands

Two Adult Sisters Still Sleep In The Same Bed Together With One Of Their Husbands

Brooke and Baylee's close relationship seems to becoming a bit of a problem for Brooke's husband

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Sisters quite often know everything about one another, they've grown up having sleepovers together and share an unbreakable bond. However, not quite as many still share a bed together - with one of their husbands:

Brooke and Baylee are a set of siblings that feature on TLC's Extreme Sisters. Baylee moved in to Brooke and her husband, Denver's home three weeks ago and Baylee has been sneaking in between her sister and brother-in-law.

Now Denver has been trying to lay down the law, implementing some rules for Baylee if she's going to continue living under his roof.

As well as making sure her underwear isn't lying around the house, Denver also addressed the sleeping issue - telling his wife: "Three out of the last four nights, I'm pretty sure your sister has been in our bed."

Denver is putting his foot down.
TLC/Extreme Sisters

Speaking together, Brooke explained: "While Baylee's been living with us, she's been sleeping with Ace [their daughter] in her room," Baylee quickly chimes in: "And then with you in your room."

In one clip from the episode, Brooke is filming from her bed at 6am. She tells the camera: "Here's my husband and..." the camera then pans to Baylee who has hidden under the covers.

Brooke then says: "You have to get out of here, before he wakes up," Denver - who is lay with his back to the sisters then exclaims: "I hear everything."

TLC/Extreme Sisters

Hilariously, instead of agreeing they should no longer sleep in bed as a threesome - the women tried to come to a compromise, telling Denver that Brooke would sleep in the middle instead so he's not uncomfortable lying next to his sister-in-law.

Baylee can be heard suggesting: "Maybe instead of me being in the middle, you [Brooke] should be in the middle."

Denver quickly shuts them down saying: "That's not the resolution," but Brooke then says: "You don't even touch her at night, this bed is big enough for all three of us."

Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals, said: "Having a close knit family is something most people aspire to and at TLC, we love to explore relationships of all kind.

"In Extreme Sisters, we will introduce sets of inseparable sisters whose bonds are raw, honest and perhaps a little unconventional. Their sibling kinship brings the meaning of sisterhood to a whole other level."

You can watch Extreme Sisters on TLC.

Featured Image Credit: TLC/Extreme Sisters

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