Last Living WW2 Nazis Have Shockingly Few Regrets

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Last Living WW2 Nazis Have Shockingly Few Regrets

Despite many World War II Nazis expressing shame for their role in the Holocaust, some subjects have admitted that they have 'no regrets' whatsoever.


In the chilling documentary, Final Account, which has been released today (21 May) director Luke Holland interviewed former Nazis about their memories.

It took Holland, who passed away in June after the filming was completed, an entire decade to track down his elderly interviewees to speak to them about the Holocaust.


Kurt Sametreiter, who was part of the SS under the ruling of Adolf Hitler said: "The Waffen-SS had nothing to do with the terrible and brutal treatment of Jews and dissidents and the concentration camp.

"We were front-line soldiers ... I have no regrets, and I will never regret being with that unit. Truly not. A camaraderie like that ... You could rely on every man 100%. There was nothing that could go wrong. That was the beauty of it."

When it was put to him that how many Jewish people were killed, Sametreiter denied the figure.

He said: "That's a joke. I don't believe it. I will not believe it. It can't be. Today they say. Excuse me, but it's the Jew who puts it like that. The scale that is claimed today, I deny that, too. I deny it. It didn't happen."


Karl Hollander was also part of the SS and worked as a lieutenant. When he was asked whether he still 'honours' Hitler, he said: "I still do. The idea was correct ... I don't share the opinion that they should be murdered.

"They should have been driven out to another country where they could rule themselves. This would have saved a great deal of grief."

Luke Holland's own grandparents were killed in the Holocaust. Credit: Focus Features
Luke Holland's own grandparents were killed in the Holocaust. Credit: Focus Features

Another subject who helped the Nazis, and wanted to remain anonymous, remembered calling guards from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp to bring back escaped Jewish prisoners who were hiding in his farm's pigsty. He laughed as he recalled the moment.


Of course not all of those involved expressed satisfaction, some were deeply discomforted by their roles.

In the trailer one woman can be heard saying: "I've always said we didn't know. But in the end we are perpetrators too. We let it happen."

In another clip, two women can be seen disagreeing about knowing what was going on. One said: "I can't speak for the others, I knew nothing."

Another replies: "Everyone knew. But no one said anything."

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