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South Park’s New Vaccination Special Takes Aim At QAnon Conspiracy Theorists

South Park’s New Vaccination Special Takes Aim At QAnon Conspiracy Theorists

The episode sees kids from the town joining up to the Lil Qties group

South Park tore into QAnon conspiracy theories in its latest episode, which also took a swipe at anti-vaxxers.

The hour-long South ParQ Vaccination Special aired last night (10 March) in the US and, as we've come to expect from the long-running cartoon, did not pull any punches while it mocked QAnon believers.

The episode saw South Park rebranded as South ParQ after the town became sucked in by vaccine fears.

Meanwhile, a number of South Park kids joined the Lil Qties set up by Bob White, who attempted to convince everyone that 'vaccinations are just another way for the government to control them'.

He'll also shared some of the more outlandish QAnon theories, such as celebrities drinking the blood of trafficked kids.

The episode also had QAnon Shaman as a teacher for the Tuternon tutoring service, which influenced the town's youngsters.

Among those who signed up was Butters, who explained: "I just wanted to believe in something that would get me out of the house."


While Cartman calmly told the Lil Qties: "You guys have a right to say and believe whatever you want, OK? But what you believe is really stupid."

In the episode, the kids watched an 'education video' in which a host of celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama are seen drinking the blood of kids.

While the tape plays a voiceover announced: "When Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire, was found guilty of sex trafficking, he was set to squeal on all the elites in Hollywood and in Washington and who used his child sex services.

"But Epstein was found dead from 'suicide' - Why do the elites want children from sex traffickers?

"Adrenochrome is harvested from children for euphoric and life enhancing benefit.

Comedy Central

"This satanic cabal of Hollywood and political elites all need the Adrenochrome to maintain their positions of power and they will continue to do so until we stand up against them."

The new special is a follow-up to last year's pandemic episode, which pulled in more than four million viewers and was South Park's most popular episode in seven years.

The comedy has been renewed for at least two more seasons after the upcoming 24th season.

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central

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