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Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Addresses Will Byers' Sexuality

Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Addresses Will Byers' Sexuality

Fans have speculated he may be gay or asexual

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Among the many moot points avidly discussed by Stranger Things fans is the subject of Will Byers' sexuality.

In the latest series, several of the boys found themselves girlfriends, while Will was left on his lonesome. On top of this, he declared in one episode that he's 'not gonna fall in love', while Mike said to him 'it's not my fault that you don't like girls'.

Fans have speculated about Will's sexuality.

This last comment in particular prompted suggestions Will might be gay, or possibly asexual.

Now 15-year-old actor Noah Schnapp, who plays Will, has shared his thoughts on the character's sexuality.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: "There's nothing set in stone. It's kind of up to the audience, and I think the Duffers [the show's creators] did that on purpose.

"Some people perceive it as Will could be gay, asexual or whatever. Or, like how I see it, he was stuck in the Upside Down, and he was away for so long that all of his friends started growing up while he was in this other world.

Noah Schnapp says Will Byers lack of interest in romance may be due to his time in the Upside Down.

"When he came back, everyone was all grown up, and he was still a little kid who still wanted to do little kid things like play D&D. He wasn't ready to face this maturity and get into relationships.

"So, I think that's what Will is going through right now."

On Friday, the first trailer for the fourth series was released, and it appeared to reveal that Jim Hopper is both alive and the 'prisoner' referred to at the end of season three.

We don't have a release date yet for the new series, but according to Schnapp it will be worth the wait.

He said: "I look forward to this so much. It's my favourite thing in the world, and I love working with these people. It's like a family.

"I read the first four scripts, and they are amazing. I can't wait to see where they go with the rest of the season."

Don't expect a definite answer on Will Byers' sexuality anytime soon.

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