The Batman Could Be The First Live-Action Batman Movie To Be R-Rated

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The Batman Could Be The First Live-Action Batman Movie To Be R-Rated

So, the new trailer for The Batman is here, and we've all seen the unrecognisable make-up they've stuck Colin Farrell in, as well as Robert Pattinson donning the famous black cowl for the first time, but there's still so much we don't know about it. For example, what age certificate can we expect the film to be?


Well, a load of people online reckon we can glean some truth from the trailer and think the film is going to get an R-rating.

That's the second highest rating a film can have in the US, according to the Motion Picture Association. It means under 17s can only be admitted alongside an adult.


In case you're wondering, the only one above is an X-rating, which means that no-one under 17 is admitted, with or without an accompanying adult.

But let's get back to The Batman.

You see, the trailer exhibits a dark quality that suggests there is going to be some serious subject matter, as opposed to the camp and stylised Batman worlds that kids of the 1990s came to know and love.

In fact, loads of people have compared it to David Fincher's Se7en, a film that definitely earned an R-rating.


It would be the first Batman movie to earn that sort of rating, but it could follow in the footsteps of films like Deadpool, Logan and Joker in succeeding in the comic-book world despite being adult-orientated.

At the virtual DC FanDome event, director Matt Reeves answered questions about the themes of the film, and name-dropped a number of R-rated films in the process.


He said: "Well, because the movie is a detective story because it is a thriller in the sort of cop world and because it's about corruption, we're treating this Batman story as if this could have happened.

"The idea is that Batman doesn't have the ability to have superhero powers he just has superhero focus and superhero drive. Chinatown was a key one because Jake Gittes, in investigating that sort of series of crimes that were part of that story, he discovered the depths of corruption in Los Angeles and so in that way it's like a classic Noir.


"This series of murders that Batman is investigating are very much in that mode, so Chinatown was a really big one.

"The idea of that kind of gritty flawed, the humanity of it that was very much inspired by those kinds of movies by like French Connection and other sort of cop movies like that, I would say even a movie like Taxi Driver the description of the place and very much getting inside of somebody's head and I guess a lot of really sort of 70s Street grounded stories."

We'll have to wait and see what the Motion Picture Association has to say about things.

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