The Best Shows You Can Stream In Ireland Right Now

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The Best Shows You Can Stream In Ireland Right Now

Listen, we've all watched Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad and Stranger Things, so you don't need us recommending the shows that you've already heard of and watched to death. Instead, we're going to cast some light on some of the best shows you maybe haven't heard of, or maybe you have but haven't got around to watching yet because you've decided to rewatch that episode of Friends for the millionth time.

Stop that right now! Watch these phenomenal shows immediately, as they're all currently available to stream in Ireland.

Bojack Horseman - Netflix


What started out as a funny skewering of Hollywood and the world of celebrity status quickly became one of the most piercing and darkly funny insights into depression and addiction. If you're thinking "That doesn't sound very funny to me", you'd usually be right, but the writing and all-star voice cast somehow manage to walk the line between hilarious and pathos just right.

The Boys - Amazon Prime Video


While we're used to seeing superheroes in their best light, The Boys cleverly shows us that even our heroes aren't super all of the time. Turns out they like sex and drugs and all the other vices available to them. In fact, the most superheroic of them all have gone a little sociopathic due to their God-like powers, and a group of regular humans have decided to take them all down a peg or two. Very funny, but also very, VERY violent.

Chernobyl - Now TV


You'll likely watch this mini-series in one sitting, and not just because it is only five episodes long, but because it is one of the most gripping shows to come along in some time. Ireland's own Barry Keoghan and Jessie Buckley co-star in the dramatisation of real-life Russian nuclear disaster, this is an intense, scary and unmissable.

Homecoming - Prime Video


You know when megastar Julia Roberts wants to star in your show, you're on to a good thing. Based on the hit fictional podcast series, Roberts plays a psychologist at a top-secret government facility where they are testing a new medication on young soldiers. However, she also plays a waitress suffering from amnesia. How are these two roles connected? Figuring that out is just part of the series' mysteries!

The Mandalorian - Disney+


Truth be told, The Rise Of Skywalker kind of left a bad taste in everyone's mouths, especially Star Wars fans who were hoping the trilogy would go out on a high. However, we have some great news for you, as The Mandalorian is exactly what you'd hoped those movies would be! Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, this space western is still gritty and action-packed enough to deserve your attention.

Mindhunter - Netflix

David Fincher knows his way around serial killers; he directed Se7en, Gone Girl, and Zodiac, after all. Here he directs and executive produces a show about two FBI agents in 1970s America, following them as they interview real-life serial killers in an attempt to learn more information about cold cases. It is creepy, it is unnerving, it is everything David Fincher does brilliantly.

The Morning Show - Apple TV+

An incredible all-star cast are at the centre of this topical and cut-throat story of a morning show host (Jennifer Aniston) attempting to keep her job when her co-anchor (Steve Carrell) is accused of sexual harassment, so she hires a complete unknown (Reese Witherspoon) as her new co-host, even though the two women don't exactly get along. You really couldn't happen across a more timely show than this one.

Russian Doll - Netflix

Natasha Lyonne was great in Orange Is The New Black, but this Groundhog Day-esque story of a woman forced to relive the last day of her life over and over again is far superior. Just the one season so far, but Lyonne is exceptional as the immature party animal forced to face the decisions she's made to continually lead her to her death. Over and over again. Much like Groundhog Day, it doesn't sound terribly funny, but trust us when we say it is. It is HILARIOUS.

Servant - Apple TV+

M. Night Shyamalan is the king of the twists, so you will be glued to this thriller, trying to keep your eyes peeled for the rug-pull. We'd almost try to tell you not to bother, and just focus on the incredibly creepy story of a young couple and their new live-in babysitter who minds their infant baby... except everything isn't quite as it seems. Everything is just a little bit... off. To say too much more would spoil it, so just go watch it and then we can talk about it afterwards, deal?

Succession - Now TV

The funniest show on TV right now. Do you need to know more than that? You do? Okay... imagine we got a look inside the life of the Murdoch family, but with the evil-ness ramped up to eleven; a megarich group of people who would gladly throw their granny under a bus if it meant their stock went up slightly. Every character is awful, every actor playing them is pitch perfect, and the script and direction is scalpel sharp. We repeat: the funniest show on TV right now.

The Terror - Prime Video

The title alone should give you an indication of what is in store for you here. Both seasons are based on true stories, with the first recounting what happened to a group of British sailors when their ships froze in place for months in the Arctic and the nightmares they had to endure, while the second focuses on a Japanese internment camp during World War II. If you're a fan of horror, then both are absolute must-watches.

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