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The Rock Surprises Fans With Thousands Of Dollars' Worth Of Gifts

The Rock Surprises Fans With Thousands Of Dollars' Worth Of Gifts

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson likes to keep the fans happy, and he certainly did here.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been at it again, and this time he has surprised a load of celebrity spotting fans with thousands of dollars' worth of gifts. Check out the video he shared below.

Johnson - or Dwanta Claus, as he's going by - clearly wanted to show off for the group of Hollywood tourists so he decided to bring a 'little joy' to the folks who were travelling the streets of Tinseltown.

The 49-year-old is not exactly a stranger to this sort of thing and often posts videos of himself surprising tourists to his 279 million Instagram followers.

This time, he rolled up to the fans outside his luxurious Los Angeles home and said: "Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?"

As they screamed in delight, he announced: "Guys I just wanted to say hello and I have a few gifts."

He wasn't kidding, either.


Rocky gave them all an Xbox, a large-screen telly, $500 worth of holiday spending money, a free Netflix subscription, some of his personal branded energy drinks, and - to cap it all off - a bottle of his Teremana tequila.

Not bad, for the price of a tourist bus.

What's more, he then told them all to cancel whatever it might be that they had on and attend the LA premiere of his new film Red Notice along with him.

Again, it's not a bad day out.

Obviously, the tourists were shocked and overjoyed, with one remarking: "I've always wanted to meet The Rock and he's just an amazing person."

For his own part, it seems as if Johnson loves this sort of caper.

He wrote: "I love doing stuff like this, and I always say it's the best part of fame."

Johnson added: "We brought a little joy to some good folks."

Apparently, his team are well used to him pulling this sort of thing, and his 'bad ass' CMO knows to spring into action to start getting his grand gestures realised.


He wrote: "My team is used to me doing this, so when I walk away from surprising people, I love watching our brilliant bad ass CMO @mayalasry turn to our @sevenbucksprod team and start delegating...

"'OK guys, call Samsung and tell them we need 20 big screens TV's NOW, call Xbox and tell them the same thing. Call Teremana, call ZOA... we need cases NOW... and call our bank, DJ just gave everyone on a tour bus $500 bucks for Christmas!'"

So, if you're ever in LA, you know where to head.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@therock

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