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People Think Sean Bean And Stephen Graham Should Win Awards For Time Performances

People Think Sean Bean And Stephen Graham Should Win Awards For Time Performances

The stars are captivating in the BBC prison drama

People are calling for Sean Bean and Stephen Graham to be flooded with awards for their captivating performances in Time. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch the trailer here:

The three-part BBC prison drama has been available to watch on iPlayer for a few weeks now, but for the extremely disciplined among us who didn't binge it immediately, the finale has just aired.

The series sees Bean play Mark Cobden, a newly-imprisoned English teacher who has to figure out a way of surviving in the brutal new world he finds himself in - while also battling the guilt and flashbacks stemming from the crime that landed him there.

Meanwhile, Graham takes on the role of prison guard Eric McNally, who faces an impossible dilemma when inmates identify his weak spot.

The show is superbly written by Jimmy McGovern, and every member of the cast contributes impeccably to the gritty and unflinching depiction of life in prison. However, it is the starring roles of Bean and Graham which have rightly drawn glowing plaudits.

Bean and Graham are outstanding in the drama.

The pair are utterly convincing, and the drama is taken to the next level by the way they make the viewer really feel their characters' crippling quandaries.

Their gripping and sometimes heartbreaking performances clearly resonated with viewers and critics alike, who have taken to social media in their droves to heap praise on the actors:

Here's hoping they get the recognition they deserve.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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