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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer Has Dropped

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer Has Dropped

The show returns to our screens on July 31

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

The trailer for season two of Umbrella Academy has dropped and we are more excited than ever to get our hands on it.

The much-awaited episodes will be available on Netflix from 31 July, but over the past few weeks, we've had glimpses into what our next installment of the show will offer up - and there's a definite theme to look forward to.

Just yesterday (7 July), the show's Instagram account shared a post that saw actor Robert Sheehan with the words 'trailer tomorrow' written on his hands, with psychedelic style graphics and music.

A couple of weeks ago, the team posted a look at some new artwork, and if you look closely at the image, which you can see below, you'll notice that the characters' sunglasses have images on the reflections.

Look deep into their eyes...

Last time we saw them, the Hargreeves siblings had just travelled back in time so that they could stop Vanya (played by Ellen Page) from destroying the planet as her evil alter-ego, called the White Violin.

The real question though is where - or should we say, when - did they travel to?

Well, the reflections gave us some massive clues.

Luther Hargreeves (played by Tom Hopper) has what appears to be a newspaper headline 'War Declared' in his eyes.

If you look at Klaus' (Robert Sheehan) glasses, you can see what looks like hippies gathering in crowds.

We're already aware that they are in the 60s, but it looks like we might be seeing them as part of other events, including protests against the Vietnam War and, if it's historically accurate, the assassination of JFK.


Netflix recently released the first pictures from the hotly-anticipated second series of The Umbrella Academy.

Filming started on the show's follow-up season around this time last year, news which was confirmed by Sheehan - who features in a snazzy new outfit in the photos - on his Twitter.

The Netflix drama, which is adapted from graphic novels by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, follows a dysfunctional adopted family who all happen to be superheroes.

When their adoptive father dies, they are brought back together for his funeral.

Season two of The Umbrella Academy is due to crash onto the world's largest streaming platform as of 31 July 2020, so you've not got too long to wait to find out what happens.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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