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White House Newsreader Impresses Viewers By Dodging Falling Lights

White House Newsreader Impresses Viewers By Dodging Falling Lights

NBC reporter Kristen Welker powered on through, leading some to compare her to Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

An NBC newsreader managed to stay professional as she swerved two TV light stands during her live broadcast outside the White House.

Viewers watched on as Kristen Welker managed to avoid being hit by both of the objects before calmly continuing her report about the coronavirus pandemic, leading some to compare her speedy and measured reactions to Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix.

NBC anchor Andrea Mitchell was pretty worried, saying after the incident: "Oh my God... Kristen please... Kristen why don't you take, take a breath. I'm sorry I thought you'd been hit by those lights."

Kristen then continued and even managed to pass on some breaking news. Hats off to her for that.

Andrea Mitchell went on to praise her colleague once more on social media, writing: "The intrepid @kwelkernbc doesn't miss a beat despite gusts of wind and falling light stands.

"But boy did it scare all of us. Thanks always to my friend, Kristen, for carrying on."

The near miss gave people a scare.

Taking to Twitter, viewers showed their admiration and surprise. One person wrote: "This is what the word 'professional' means," while another added: "Glad she's OK. The way she carried on. It was freaking awesome!"

Others however were more inclined to make one specific comparison:

Even the Philadelphia Eagles jumped on the bandwagon as they tweeted: "Scouting report: Prospect clearly has superior knowledge of the game and raw talent to complement her speed. Elite ability to avoid contact in small spaces."

Things couldn't really be much better for Kristen right now. Well, I guess she could have won the lottery live on air like Natalia Escudero did back in December.

The RTVE reporter realised that she'd won the Spanish Christmas Lottery and told the camera 'I'm not going [to work] tomorrow'.

Escudero celebrated on the telly surrounded by strangers as she discovered that she had bagged a tenth of the prize money - getting her 5,000 euros (£4,260/$5,540). Not a bad day in the office then, eh?

According to El Español, she told the camera: "Hey, I have a tenth, that this is no joke, that I do many events. When I came here I bought one," before adding: "Tomorrow I don't go. Natalia, I don't work tomorrow." Can't say we blame her.

Featured Image Credit: MSNBC

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