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You Can Now Delete Embarrassing Shows You've Watched From Your Netflix

You Can Now Delete Embarrassing Shows You've Watched From Your Netflix

Scared that your mum will see what you've been watching? Now you can get rid of it

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

If you're on a shared Netflix account, or live in a house where someone is likely to get a glimpse of your viewing history, there's no need to worry any longer, as the streaming platform will now let you delete things from your 'Continue Watching' row, or hide them completely.

We've all been there - you want to watch something out of sheer morbid curiosity, but don't then want anyone - especially if you share an account with a significant other or parent - to know the kind of weird s*** that you've been checking out.

Hey, it's not as if there's anything that's actually too bad on Netflix, is it?

Many of you will be saying 'spoken like someone who has not seen 365 DNI yet' - and you'd be exactly right.

365 DNI features some stuff you shouldn't tell your mum you've been watching.

However, if you fancy sitting through the odd Polish raunchfest one summer's evening, you can now do so, then delete the evidence that it ever happened. Here's how.

According to The Verge, Netflix has been trialling a little something - giving users the opportunity to delete things by simply clicking on the title and choosing to get shut of it straight away.

They reported: "If someone is no longer interested in watching a movie or a TV show, the title doesn't disappear from the row. It eventually gets pushed down the line as new titles are watched, but it doesn't just go away.

"Now, people can access the feature by clicking on a title in the row."


Unfortunately for those of you who are Apple-devoted when it comes to devices, this feature is only available on the Android Netflix app just now, but The Verge reports it will be rolled out across the iOS app on 29 June.

That means that you've only got just less than a week until you can watch all the gruesome murder documentaries or embarrassing TV shows that you could ever want.

As for those of you who choose to watch the streaming platform on their telly - which is probably quite a few people - there are no current plans to introduce this feature for that platform just yet.


However, you can just click on a load of other shows that you're not so embarrassed to be caught watching, until the objects of your apathy move far enough down the row to become invisible.

Also, if you want to get rid of something entirely, you can always just log onto a web browser and visit the site, click your account and head for viewing activity.

There, you can select a title and choose 'hide from your viewing history'.

It's as simple as that.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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