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Amir Khan Does The Impossible And Gets Kiosk Keith To Smile

Amir Khan Does The Impossible And Gets Kiosk Keith To Smile

The boxer and former campmate managed to get a grin from Keith behind the scenes.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

No matter who is crowned King or Queen of the Jungle later tonight, we all know there is only one winner: Kiosk Keith. Well-known for remaining stoic while talking to the celebrities, Amir Khan managed to seemingly do the impossible yesterday and got Keith to smile, better still, he caught the whole thing on camera:

Credit: Amir Khan/Instagram

How happy does Amir look in that clip? I mean, we can assume he's delighted with his massive fee or the fact that he's about to be reunited with his family, but really, I don't think either of those can compete with managing to get a smile out of the illusive Aussie.

Starting the clip, Amir says: "Right guys, we've got someone here that you want to see, Kiosk Keith." Well, he's not wrong.

Before going on to film Keith's legs and say: "I want to see them legs with those squats you've been doing."

Realising that particular line isn't working, he just goes ahead and asks him for a smile. A lot.

And whoa - here it is:

Credit: Amir Khan/Instagram

Worth the wait, eh?

This series, as ever, the mysterious Keith has managed to steal every scene he appears in and caused a mass panic when he was briefly replaced by Kiosk Kath the other week. For some reason we, the British public, really love this odd, silent man.

Recently, the Sun revealed that Kiosk Keith, is actually a former builder called Raymond and he works on both the UK and German versions of the show. The more you know...

Source: The Sun

Featured Image Credit: ITV/I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

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