Piers Morgan Controversially Reckons Milk Goes In First When Making A Brew

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Piers Morgan Controversially Reckons Milk Goes In First When Making A Brew

Making a cup of tea is one of the world's most simple tasks, thanks to it being a straightforward combo of tea, hot water and milk. Sometimes sugar - or sweetener, if you're trying to cut down. A biscuit or two on the side if you're not. And yet bizarrely, one of the world's easiest jobs is also among the most contentious - leading to Piers Morgan to make his most controversial statement yet.


That's right, Piers decided to venture into tea-making territory, which is the boldest move an already bold man can make.

He insisted that the proper way to make a brew is to put the milk in first, saying: "You have to put the milk in first then you put the teabag in and then you put the hot water. Otherwise you can't possibly tell."


Susanna Reid even agreed, but their co-host Charlotte Hawkins wasn't having any of it, replying: "No because it doesn't brew properly unless you put the water in with the teabag."

Using a mini hand held camera, the presenters showed viewers four mugs of tea - each displaying a different shade of brew.

They all agreed that the third, 'Classic British', was the preferred way to drink it.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

But viewers were still left reeling from Piers and Susanna's system.

One tweeted: "You are both wrong... milk last."

Another said: "Strong tea, milk in last - then you can control the strength!"

Someone simply wrote: "Nope. Teabag first, hot water, then milk."


Others went a bit left-field, saying that they usually go for Darjeeling or Rooibos, while another said their tea of choice was green or Earl Grey without milk.

Oddly, it's not even the first time Piers has asserted his tea-making prowess (or lack thereof, depending on your stance) onto us.

Last year he also revealed that not only is he a milk first chap, but he's also a 'four-teabag man'.

He told his co-presenters: "Personally, I would never just do it with a bag in a cup. Always brew it in a pot. I'm a four-teabag man in a pot.


He added: "Four teabags for about four minutes. If you over-stew it becomes undrinkable but even then, it's better than under-stew."

Oh, then he also brought up the milk first thing - so you can 'assess the texture, colour and quality of the tea'.

It's like he's trying to wind us up. Oh, wait...

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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