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Man Who Once Was On 'Geordie Shore' Says He's 'Too Famous To Work'

Man Who Once Was On 'Geordie Shore' Says He's 'Too Famous To Work'

He even had job interviews lined up

Work, eh? Like it or loathe it, it's something we've all got to do.

However, Grant Coulson, who has appeared in one episode of Geordie Shore, believes he's too famous to work in a 'fucking chip shop'.

Grant fired out the expletives on ITV's This Morning after the show had lined up a couple of job interviews for him.

Credit: ITV / This Morning

Hosts Rylan Clark-Neal and Sarah Greene looked as shocked as the rest of us at the claim (and the language used too).

Rylan responded: "You couldn't work in a fish shop."

Sarah added: "Maybe a bar?"

When the show returned from a swift break, Rylan was forced to apologise for the language, telling viewers: "You may have heard some language from Grant just before the break and we want to apologise for that."

The reality TV 'star' is already a fairly controversial figure. He quit his call centre job to 'find fame' before that brief appearance of Geordie Shore, and then appeared on TLC's Undressed.

Credit: SWNS

It works similarly to Channel 4's Naked Attraction, but Coulson says that, following his appearance on that show, he can't get a job as some potential employers now recognise him.

The vain man has had fillers for acne and plastic surgery on the NHS after claiming to doctors that he struggled to breathe, and now wants a new set of teeth thanks to the taxpayer.

On top of that, literally, he's also had a hair transplant to stop a receding hairline.

He said: "I had a nose job on the NHS a month or so back and now I'm having veneers put on my teeth.

"I left work to go on TV shows and now I've not been able to get work and I'm receiving benefits.

"I've gone for a few job interviews, but because I did reality TV shows I'm quite popular in the north-east so no one will hire me. It's quite awkward."

He's already paid £200 ($262) towards his new teeth, having moulds taken, which is largely paid for by the social fund. They stump up half the cost of the £4,500 ($5,913), and he pays the remaining 50 percent over three years.

Credit: SWNS

Grant added that he's not become the most popular person with all this bragging.

He added: "I had a lot of hate in my inbox, a lot of online comments after the nose job. I was branded a 'Ken doll'.

"Some people were saying they would like to punch me in the face and break my nose again.

"It used to bother me, now I let it go over my head."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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