Channel 4's New Show 'True Horror' Is So Scary It Comes With A Warning

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Channel 4's New Show 'True Horror' Is So Scary It Comes With A Warning

A new horror show set to air on Channel 4 is so scary it comes with a warning before its broadcast.

True Horror will take a look at the lives of real people how claim to have experienced spooky encounters with the spirit world - and it looks bloody terrifying.

Viewers will be hit with a disclaimer, warning them that 'scenes of paranormal activity may disturb viewers'.


The first episode, that airs tonight at 10pm, centres on a couple who move into their new home only to find that it's haunted. I hate it when that happens.

Bill and Liz move into the pretty farmhouse in the Welsh hills and, at first, it all seems perfect, but that doesn't last and the poor buggers end up facing levitating objects, things going bump in the night and even a demonic-possession.

According to Bloody Disgusting, the second episode tells the story of a couple who are forced to protect their young children from the ghost of their grandad.

A haunted woods and a camping trip set the scene for episode three, with pals Stephen and Todd making the, potentially unwise, decision to spend the night near a creepy church in the middle of the woods. Have these guys never seen any horror film ever? As the night goes on the pair are terrorised by some unknown thing in the woods, but as day breaks and they head back home they find that the worst isn't over yet...


Despite sounding like something created by James Wan, the show's makers insist it's all based on true events.

The show is made up of a mix of scary dramatizations and interviews with the people who claim to have witnessed all this spooky shit first-hand.

It's produced by the same team who made the genuinely creepy Enfield Haunting and contains four episodes, with each one focussing on a different story.

In the trailer a selection of clips from across the four episodes is played, alongside excerpts from the interviews - one says: "I started to feel someone was watching me. I remember at the time thinking why me."


Another says: "It was malevolent, it was evil, it was bad."

So that's me sleeping with the lights on tonight, then.

The first episode is on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm

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