Cillian Murphy Is 'Curious' About Doing A 'Peaky Blinders' Film

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Cillian Murphy Is 'Curious' About Doing A 'Peaky Blinders' Film

It's not long now until the brilliant BBC drama Peaky Blinders releases it's fourth season and fans are getting excited. There's been a lot of chatter about what will happen to Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his beloved Peaky Blinders gang after they were last seen being led away in handcuffs following a police sting.

But the best part about the series, much like any TV programme, is that it has a glorious 60 minutes per episode to develop characters and thicken plots to their extreme. There have been 18 episodes spreading out across three seasons so far and the Peaky Blinders world will go even deeper for this upcoming instalment.


However, the show's star has shown his interest in seeing the format developed into a movie.

Speaking to Esquire, Murphy said: "I think Steve [Knight] has some ideas. You'd have to be careful, but I'd be curious to do it."

Credit: Peaky Blinders/BBC


Naturally, something like that would likely be thrown in towards the end of the show's lifespan as a nice way to wrap up the series, rather than produce a whole season. So it doesn't sound like it's on the cards right at the moment, but never say never.

Murphy has previously spoken about the possibility of a movie, telling the Express: "It's kind of a sexy idea, but I'll reserve judgement until the idea is presented to me.


"I'm sort of ambivalent about it.

"I'm sort of like, 'Eh, yeah, I don't know, I'm not sure'. I love the idea sort of theoretically, but it has to come at the right time, you know?"


The show's executive producer Caryn Mandabach told Digital Spy last year that Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts wanted to get involved in a film version of the show.

She added: "We did have a conversation about potentially doing a movie. There are many people in America that love Peaky Blinders and plenty of movie stars that want to be in the movie.


"We heard Julia Roberts wants to do it - but this is hearsay... I don't really know for sure."

Ms Mandabach said there would be no conversation about a film until they could secure a fourth season - which has been duly delivered.

So we'll have to see where this new instalment takes Shelby and the rest of the Peaky Blinders gang and how they finish up at the end of the eight episodes.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Peaky Blinders

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