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Gino D'Acampo 'Takes It Too Far' With Joke On 'This Morning'

Gino D'Acampo 'Takes It Too Far' With Joke On 'This Morning'

Gino D'Acampo rocked up to This Morning with a new beard following a long break and was right back to shocking Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield with his antics.

The chef revealed his new look to Holly and Phil, who seemed to like his beard - or at least pretended to for the cameras, but Phil told him that the show's editor wasn't impressed and had, jokingly, suggested he gets a shave or look for a new job.


Credit: ITV/This Morning

It was then that Gino confessed that his missus wasn't much of a fan, either.

He said: "My wife said to me 'if you don't shave up there, I won't shave down..."

Luckily, Holly's used to Gino being slightly outrageous and was quick to put her hand out to stop him in his tracks, although I don't think it takes a genius to work out what the missing word was...


Holly was quick to stop him in his tracks. Credit: ITV/This Morning

Holly then told off the Italian chef, before trying to move swiftly on.

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But Gino wasn't finished yet.

This Morning decided to run a poll, with its viewers, to see if the beard was a hit or a miss. If they voted against the new face-fuzz, Gino was going to shave it live on air.

However, 55 percent of viewers voted in favour of it, much to Gino's delight.

While beaming into the camera he said: "Very good. Well I'm looking forward to my wife's... thing - bush."

Can you imagine the collective gasps of the millions of nans sat at home watching that? Can you imagine the amount of tea spat out?

Gino couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Credit: This Morning/ITV

The hosts also couldn't hide their shock, Holly chose to just say his full name, like a school teacher does.

While Phillip said: "I have to figure out if legally we have to apologise for that, We are very sorry anyway." Before pleading with him: "For the love of god, man, stop."

It wasn't just your nan who couldn't believe her ears, viewers took to social media to express their shock at Gino's fruity comments, saying that he 'goes too far', others loved it and called him 'hilarious'.

Holly and Phil both apologised for Gino's comments, but he didn't seem to think he'd done anything wrong.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/This Morning

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