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Guy Appears On 'First Dates' Again After Last Woman Left During Dinner

Guy Appears On 'First Dates' Again After Last Woman Left During Dinner

You know what they say: if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

The UK rallied around Lewis when he appeared on Channel 4's First Dates, hoping to find the woman of his dreams. But instead of sparks and fireworks, his date answered her phone, wanted to share his food and then ditched him without saying goodbye. People were quick to label Jade a 'cow', 'rude' and 'vile' on social media despite her incredibly short stint on national telly.

While that sort of embarrassment might put people off dating altogether (or at least doing it on a very public platform), Lewis was determined to find his soul mate. So he dusted off the dinner jacket and appeared on First Dates again with his fingers crossed that this time, things would be different.

Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

Thankfully, Lewis had a much better experience with Lauren.

It looked like things could have gone pear-shaped when he revealed that not only does he work full-time, but he is in fact a wrestler and male stripper. Not sure how those two professions line up, really, but his date later professed that she would love to see some of his moves.

Lauren offered to split the bill, but being the gentleman that he is, Lewis paid, which was a much more pleasant encounter than when Jade walked out saying anything to him.

Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

When they sat down at the end of the date, they were asked the pertinent question of whether they'd want to meet again for round two. Thankfully they both said 'yes', with Lewis exclaiming: "You're very attractive. How easy it is to talk to you, it's nice."

Maître d' Fred FredSirieix made a sassy comment as the couple left the restaurant, telling Lewis: "Good to see you walking out with a lady."

People were so upset over Lewis's first date with Jade that one good Samaritan set up a JustGiving page to raise some cash to help pay for his meal. Organiser Jamie Atkins wrote: "Jade was extremely rude towards Lewis, answering her phone during the date, texting her friends, telling him he should buy her £900 shoes if she asked for them, HAVING to share his food with her and THEN had the cheek to walk out on the date and leave him to pay the bill."

Thankfully he jumped back on that proverbial horse and met a lovely lady.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4 / First Dates

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