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​Male Stripper Who Had Penis Bitten By Drunk Woman Calls For End To 'Violating' Assaults

​Male Stripper Who Had Penis Bitten By Drunk Woman Calls For End To 'Violating' Assaults

A male stripper who has said he's been bitten and left bleeding as a result of his work has called for an end to the 'degrading' assaults from drunk women.

Stripper Lotan Carter appeared on This Morning to air his grievances about his not-so-common occupational hazards - which had included having his penis bitten during a routine and being scratched so hard that blood began streaming down his back.


Comparing the nature of his work to that of female strippers, where there's a firm rule of 'look but don't touch', Lotan said: "I've done shows before where we've actually had security, and a woman's acting the way she shouldn't and someone else has run up onto the stage to join her - while you're in the middle of your choreography - and they don't do anything about it."

Host Ruth then asked for examples of ways in which women have acted in ways they shouldn't.

Lotan replied: "There was a part of a routine where a woman was stood behind me and then rubbed her hands down me. She scratched, and I was like, 'Please don't do that because it was a bit hard.'

"She did it again and scratched even harder, so I took a step forward, and as I did that she literally scratched my back to the point where I felt the blood trickle down my back.


"I had to walk straight off stage because you can't lose your head in front of the audience."

Ruth then asked: "Didn't someone try to bite you?"

Lotan replied: "I've had someone bite me. They didn't try, their attempt was successful."


He then described a 'towel trick' he had performed where one woman had bitten his penis.

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"So I got down to a towel, wrapped my towel round my waist and then took my underwear off. Then you stand in front of them [the audience].

"It looks like they're seeing everything, but they're not... There's something between. But she obviously..."

"She bit you," asked an incredulous Ruth.


"She bit my..." replied Lotan, indicating his penis.


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While some social media users were supportive of Lotan, many others were quick to criticise him in relation to his stint on Big Brother, where he was booted off of the show amid claims of being 'degrading' to women.

One person wrote: "He was REMOVED from the Big Brother house for being degrading to women. He was aggressive, violent and threatening. Now he's crying wolf? Piss off!"


Another said: "The same Lotan Carter that was dropped by the Dreamboys after being removed from the Big Brother house because of his intimidating behaviour #ThisMorning".

Lotan appearing on Big Brother. Credit: PA
Lotan appearing on Big Brother. Credit: PA

When Eamonn asked Lotan if he genuinely felt 'violated' as a male stripper, he explained that he understood that you have to have a 'certain character' to be in his line of work, but also said that it's sad that such behaviour has become commonplace.

"They think, because you do what you do, they have a right to handle you in a way which isn't really very nice," Lotan explained, also saying that it often comes hand-in-hand with excessive alcohol consumption.

"By the time you get them up on stage, sometimes you don't know how hammered they are," he added.

Eamonn asked Lotan if he wanted to see a code of conduct introduced. The performer replied that he would - but that the chances of that happening were 'slim'.

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