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Woman On 'First Dates' Admits To Having Cheated In The Past

Woman On 'First Dates' Admits To Having Cheated In The Past

Is this too honest?

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Being cheated on is right up there with stepping barefoot on a piece of Lego in the pain stakes. You go through a full range of emotions, from boiling with anger to crushing upset, and all via a dollop of embarrassment - fun times. Sometimes it can even be enough to put you off dating for a long spell.

One LAD put his previous heartbreak behind him and got back in the dating game, via Channel Four's First Dates. He was matched with the very beautiful Cece and all seemed to be going well, until she admitted that she had cheated on a previous partner.

Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

Quite the bombshell.

"Trust and loyalty is something that's really important to me," he told her, prompting her to ask: "So, you're not really into cheaters?" before realising that's kind of a stupid question and quickly backtracking.

She then opened up about her past, and confessed to having previously cheated, adding: "There's no excuse for it... after I did it I thought it would be, like 'fair and square so we can move on', but I just hated myself."

I mean, it sounds as though she cheated as 'revenge' after someone did the same to her, and you've got to give her credit for admitting to it. Still...Colin looks less than impressed, doesn't he?

This is not the face of a happy man. Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

But is the old saying 'once a cheater, always a cheater' true? Well, Colin didn't seem to think so, and agreed to meet up again. I'm less convinced. And it looks as though science is on my side.

According to a study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour, those who cheat once might be more likely to do it again. A lot more likely.

The study followed 484 people and found that those who cheated in their first relationship were a whopping three times more likely to cheat in their next, compared to those who hadn't cheated.


But it might not be plain sailing for Cece, either, because the study also found that people who knew their previous partners had cheated were twice as likely to give it a try themselves next time around.

A different study suggests this might be because when we lie, our brains 'get used to it', so we start to feel less guilty as time goes on - it becomes easier, basically.

Good luck, guys.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

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