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Man Pulls Ultimate April Fool's On Girlfriend With Severed Finger Prank

Man Pulls Ultimate April Fool's On Girlfriend With Severed Finger Prank

Luke Jones, 26, told his girlfriend he had caught his finger in a machine at work and poor Keavy travelled to A&E to support her boyfriend

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

April Fool's Day is arguably the worst day for those with trust issues, as we all spend the entire day questioning every single thing we read, hear or watch. This year McDonald's got involved, Pornhub pulled out the stops and even Holly Willoughby was pranked live on This Morning.

But 26-year-old Luke Jones really went in on his girlfriend by sending her a pretty traumatising picture while telling her his finger had got caught in a machine at work.

The picture Luke initially sent to his girlfriend.

The factory worker told 20-year-old Keavy Luntley that he had obtained the gruesome injury while he was at work - then dropped another bomb by telling her he might even get sacked, as it was all his fault.

Little did poor Keavy know that moments earlier sneaky Luke had been sat at work, scouring Google for the perfect image of a bloodied finger that looked as much like his hand as possible.

Being the loving girlfriend she is, Keavy - who works as a carer - drove 15 minutes to A&E to support her fella. When she got there, she messaged him to say she was in the waiting room... at which point he sent another picture with his (healthy, totally uninjured) hand in front of his face.

Within minutes Keavy had left work and driven to the hospital.

When Luke fessed up to his April Fool's prank, he was met with a wrath of f-bombs. "I'm at fucking work," she wrote, before adding: "Are you actually serious?"

She followed up with: "Not even funny that's pissed me off" and "Don't wanna speak to you."

Uh-oh. She was not best pleased to say the least.

Luke followed up with a picture of his hand.

Speaking to LADbible, Luke said: " I knew she would be gullible enough to take the bait, and would be kind enough to to come see me in A&E.

"We were both at work, that's how I was able to fake the injury. She had to leave work to sit and wait for me in A&E."

Then came the angry messages.

Luke added that he found the picture on Google, and he had 'made sure the hands looked as close to mine as possible'.

He said: "Keavy drove in her car to the hospital which was about a 15-minute drive."

Luke explained that it took Keavy a few hours to make friends with him again after the prank and we do not blame her one little bit.

Do not try this at home, people. And maybe don't follow in Luke's footsteps at all - chances are you could be single by 2 April.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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