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Prince Harry Is a LAD As He Photobombs Stormzy At WellChild Awards

Prince Harry Is a LAD As He Photobombs Stormzy At WellChild Awards

Prince Harry posed with Stormzy and Marni Ahmed at the WellChild awards in London.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Prince Harry has done many things in his young life. Served in the armed forces. Been best man at his brother's (Prince William) wedding. I can only presume the speech was a difficult one to write, given the hijinks the two men are bound to have got up to in their earlier years crossed with the fact that close family/heads of state i.e. The Queen were in attendance.

He's also a patron to numerous charities, including WellChild and Dolen Cymru. It was at the former's annual WellChild awards that Harry revealed recently that he is a top LAD by photobombing Grime superstar Stormzy.

As the 'Too Big For Your Boots' musician posed with rare skin condition suffer Marni Ahmed, who is aged nine, Harry took his opportunity to get in on the snap.

Stormzy later posted it to Instagram.

However, Harry's LAD status did take a hit when he admitted he'd never eaten a Doner kebab, after being queried by fellow LAD Marni, who was speaking to the member of the royal family when he forced the prince to drop the No-Doner bomb.

Marni will need lifelong, intensive and painful treatment for Harlequin-type Ichthyosis for the rest of his life, a brutal condition which leaves thickened skin all over the body, causing cracks in the skin.

He said he asked the prince if he'd "had a Doner kebab?" while the two were chatting. His mum, Gulzeab, who was travelling with him from Leeds, said the Prince had replied: "No, but my friends have."

Doner Kebab
Doner Kebab

Now, for those who might think Harry's lack of Doner-eating experience puts his man of the people credentials into question, he never said he had no kebab culinary experience at all. He may have tried any one of the following:

● Kabab koobideh
● Kabab barg
● Jujeh kabab
● Kabab Bakhtiari
● Shish
● Cağ
● Adana

We simply don't know. It may be that when out with the LADs, he simply opted for one of the above, or two extra-large pizzas which he figured he'd have the appetite for whilst in the throes of a drunken hunger. I/He was wrong.

What we do know is that Marni also asked him what he had for breakfast, the answer being a "bacon and sausage sandwich".

The prince was meeting winners of the Inspirational Child award at a pre-ceremony reception at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in central London at an event designed to recognise young children living with serious illnesses, as well as the medical professionals who look after them.

The charity's network of WellChild Nurses helps provide home makeover projects and family support programmes that give young children the strongest possible chance to thrive at home with their families rather than remaining in hospitals or homes.

Words: Ronan O'Shea

Featured Image Credit: Stormzy / Instagram

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