​Dad Paralysed After Copying Kids Doing Roly Polies
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The Average Brit Would Break Their Best Friend's Leg For Under £5,000

The Average Brit Would Break Their Best Friend's Leg For Under £5,000

A study has revealed that the average Brit would be happy to break their best mate's leg for £4,800. For a start, we'd want it rounded up to £5,000. And secondly, have any of these idiots ever heard of criminal compensation? It would more than likely be claimed from you by your former, broken-legged pal. And you're money would be in their back pocket.

So you really need to be thinking about signing some form of agreement, splitting the cash or being the victim rather than the leg-breaker. These people don't think, do they?

It was also found that we would break a stranger's leg, too. But on one condition that we get more cash.


I mean, technically with the right cover up, you could potentially get away with that... y'know because they're a stranger and have no idea who you are.

The study, which was conducted by Lotto Land, aimed to figure out what lengths we would go to if we were offered money.

A number (2,167 to be exact) of people aged over 18 with full time jobs were asked a range of questions.


Starting off nice and easy, they were asked whether they'd ever done something stupid for money - whether it was a dare or a bet - to which 39 percent said they had.

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39 percent? Not even half of people quizzed? So no one ever necked a dirty pint contaminated with their mates piss for a clubbed together fiver? No? Liars.

A further 21 percent of respondents said that they had to pick up extra work outside their primary job to earn money.


How about eating shit? Well, 67 percent said they wouldn't NOT do it under any circumstances, 33 percent said they'd do it for £1.5 million. One person said they would accept £100 to eat human faeces. Hard times, mate?

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

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When asked how much they would have to be paid to get a face tattoo, 28 percent of people said that they would not get this done for any cost. Of the remaining 72 percent, £100,000 was found to be the average cost.

Think logically, people. Laser removal costs around £200 per session. Opt for a little dot and you're fucking winning.


Out of all the scenarios, the one that most respondents would perform for the least amount of money was to eat a worm. A huge 2,100 people said they would do this for money, and the average cost to do so was found to be £50. There's a load of people I can think of that used to do this for a laugh, no monetary exchange whatsoever. Mind you, we were in primary school.

Commenting on the results of the study, a spokesperson for Lotto Land said: "We conducted this study for a bit of fun, to get an answer to the questions you always see popping up on social media exploring how much it would cost people to do stupid things."

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