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Netflix Viewers Are Missing Don’t Look Up End Credits Scenes

Netflix Viewers Are Missing Don’t Look Up End Credits Scenes

There are two end credits scenes, which are both pretty wacky


If you've watched Don't Look Up by now, you might have thought it finished with the prayer around the dinner table as the world went to pot.

If you were tucking into some festive food, you might have left it on and noticed the mid-credits scene which shows some of the cast on a new habitable planet. Oh and they're all naked.

But what you may have missed is the second scene at the end of the credits featuring Jonah Hill.

His character, Jason Orlean (the President's son and chief of staff), crawls out of some rubble left behind after the asteroid hit Earth (we did warn you).

It seems to tell viewers that he survived what you'd imagine is unsurvivable. And the first thing he decides to do as he looks around is get his phone out.

As he does so, he films a video for his social media and can be heard saying: "What’s up y’all, I’m the last man on earth! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!”

Oh how very apt.


Then the film ends - it really does this time.

Not everyone caught the two scenes, with one viewer writing: "Thought Don't Look Up was 30 minutes too long and a bit of a mess. But I quite liked it anyway. However, I only realised I'd missed the credits ending scene on the alien planet this morning so you may wish to pay more attention to other people's opinions."

Others took to Twitter to let viewers know about the scenes.

One wrote: "Btw if you do watch Don't Look Up, there is a scene after the end credits."

Another added: "For all those who watch Don't Look Up there are 2 secret scenes during and after the credits."

And a third said: "Btw Don't Look Up has a mid credits and post credits scene."

You're all heroes.


The star-studded film follows two astronomers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) who are attempting to warn humankind of an approaching comet by embarking on a bizarre media tour.

Fans of the comedy science fiction movie have commended it and praised both the directing and acting.

One person tweeted: “Don't Look Up is a comedy which portrays the depressing reality of our times.

“The direction is flawless and more importantly the most original piece you will see in recent times. It's brilliant. Loved it.”

Another added: "Don’t Look Up is an incredibly fun, yet anxiety-inducing film.

“Adam McKay’s classic satirical style is on full display here.

“Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are powerhouse co-stars, the depth they give their characters carry this film.”

If you haven't seen it, get it on. Oh and don't forget the credits.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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