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Viewers Think The Chase Contestant Was 'Robbed' After Incorrect Answer

Viewers Think The Chase Contestant Was 'Robbed' After Incorrect Answer

Viewers think Lindsey answered the question correctly but was 'robbed' of his chance

Viewers of ITV's The Chase have been left furious after last night's episode (29 December) saw a contestant seemingly 'get robbed' when answering a supposedly correct answer.

Retired GP Lindsey was answering questions against the other 3 contestants in the final chase and people have been taking to social media to vent over how poor Lindsey 'was robbed' when he attempted one of the questions.

Host Bradley Walsh asked the 4 contestants, who had all been up against chaser Paul Sinha: "64ad. Nero began to persecute followers of which religion?" to which Lindsey almost immediately fired back with "Christians."

But sadly, the answer Walsh was looking for was "Christianity." Well, Lindsey was almost right... wasn't he?

Lindsey essentially had the answer of the question correct, which is why viewers have been left so annoyed.

It seems as if social media were certainly on Lindsey's side on this one!

One user on Reddit pointed out: "But The Sinnerman's 'Egypt' answer was accepted when the actual answer is 'Egyptian'. If Lindsey's answer had been accepted, they would have had enough points to win.

"Also Bradley started rapidly reading the questions for the chaser towards the end. Justice for Lindsey!"

One Twitter user said: "Lindsey should get all the money tbh." We wholeheartedly agree.

"Lindsey is FUMING!!" another then pointed out.

Well, this isn't the first time social media have been left fuming over the hit ITV quiz show.

Earlier this month, four contestants named Andy, Michelle, Jacob and Allie went head-to-head against Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan. Andy was the first to be sent home after he stumbled on a couple of questions.

With three left, Michelle fired into the next round with eight correct answers.

Jenny then gave Michelle the option of playing for a higher offer of £40,000 or a low offer of £2,000.Surprisingly, she opted to play for the £40,000 and the host, Bradley Walsh, was taken aback.

With Michelle storming into the final, she managed to end up walking away with the full £40,000 for herself and the squad.

Allie decided to take Jenny's unbelievable 'record-breaking' minus offer of £17,000.

Next up, the game was in full swing and the third contestant Jacob was up against Jenny.

After seven correct answers, he was given the option of winning a high offer of £50,000 and instead, opted to stick with the £7,000 and a place in the final round.

However, this is when things switched up a bit when Allie was up next to take on The Vixen. She gave seven correct answers and then, incredibly, the mum-of-two decided to take Jenny's unbelievable 'record-breaking' minus offer of £17,000.

One viewer said of the shocking move: "What is point of going on the chase and picking a minus ffs my family would disown me."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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