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Violent New Idris Elba Film On Netflix Is Being Called One Of Best 2021 Movies

Violent New Idris Elba Film On Netflix Is Being Called One Of Best 2021 Movies

In the new cowboy movie, Jonathan Majors stars as outlaw Nat Love who ‘saddles up with his gang' to take down Elba's Rufus Black

Idris Elba’s violent new flick The Harder They Fall has only been out for a few weeks, but already it’s being hailed as one of this year’s greatest movies - with some viewers even saying it’s the best Netflix film to date. Watch the trailer below:


In the new Western, Jonathan Majors stars as outlaw Nat Love who ‘saddles up with his gang to take down enemy Rufus Black’, a ruthless crime boss played by Elba.  

A synopsis from Netflix says: “This ain't your grandaddy's Western! Check out Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, Zazie Beetz, Regina King, Delroy Lindo, LaKeith Stanfield, RJ Cyler, Edi Gathegi, Danielle Deadwyler and Deon Cole in this action-packed thrill ride that injects New Blood into the Old West.

"The Harder They Fall is directed by Jeymes Samuel and produced by Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter James Lassiter, Jeymes Samuel and Lawrence Bender.” 


After the film landed on Netflix earlier this month, many fans have sung its praises – with some saying it’s the best they’ve seen this year.  

One tweeted: “The Harder They Fall was way better than I ever could’ve imagined.” 

Someone else said: “The Harder They Fall is the best movie I’ve seen all year.” 

A third said it was ‘really f***ing good’, while a fourth wrote: “The Harder They Fall is the best movie I’ve seen in a long ass time wow.” 

One person went even further, saying: “The Harder They Fall is easily Netflix's best movie to date.” 

Over on Rotten Tomatoes, the general consensus is a good one, with a total audience score of 93 percent.  

The Tomatometer, which aggregates critic reviews, also stands at a not-too-shabby 87 percent, thanks in part to the strength of the film's all-black cast.

Thrillist's Joshua Robinson wrote in his review: "It’s an ensemble that fans of shows like AtlantaWatchmen, and Lovecraft Country would froth over, and each actor and actress involved definitely understood the assignment, making The Harder They Fall an incredible watch from start to finish."

Nick Harley from Den of Geek also said: "If Westerns were ever to reclaim their place as cinema’s favorite genre, it would be a movie like The Harder They Fall that would start the sea change.

"By giving us something new and focusing on Black legends of the West, first time feature director Jeymes Samuel delivers a high-energy and stylish romp of a Western that both puts its stamp on the genre while carving out its own place."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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