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These Works of Sneaker Art Take Fresh Creps To A New Level

Sponsored by Instagram
Sponsored by Instagram
These Works of Sneaker Art Take Fresh Creps To A New Level

Sneakers were invented when basketball man Michael Jordan snuck into an opposing team's locker room during halftime in search of Twinkies. He was hungry, his team were 30 basketball points ahead of the opposition, and he was beyond caring.

While rooting through Clyde Drexler's bag in search of goodies, he discovered a pair of white 'shoes'. Out of curiosity, he put them on, discovering that they were much more comfortable than the regulation stilettos that all basketball players had to wear on-court until the mid-80s.

It was a much more interesting - but highly dangerous - game at the time.

With a nous for business and a plucky branding team, Jordan nicked the shoe, rebranded it with a swanky tick and a slogan, and the Sneaker was born.

None of the above is true. It's fake news.

What isn't fake news, however, is memes. Memes are as real as it gets, and we love them.

You know the Roll Safe meme? Yup, we loved it so much we got sneaker artist Daniel Cordas to recreate the head-tapping wonder on a pair of sneakers.


And while we were at it, we took a sneak peak at other designs on Instagram's fantastic #SneakerArt hashtag. Check them out below.

Digital Air Force One

Credit: @gabrieljunkart on Instagram
Credit: @gabrieljunkart on Instagram

Now, Gabrieljunkart's sneaker might not be the most practical shoe available on the market, but it is definitely one of the most interesting interpretations of footwear we've come across. Also, imagine a dog wearing four of these and trying to walk down the stairs. Hilario.

Using computer motherboards, Gabriel has taken the Air Force One and created a futuristic vision of the shoe of the future.

And as we all know, the robots are coming, they are going to conquer us, and they love basketball. So they will need cool shoes if we stand any hope of mercy.

Love for the ocean

Credit: @mark.montalvio89 on Instagram
Credit: @mark.montalvio89 on Instagram

A more traditional piece of artwork from Mark.montalvio89; he took a pair of plain white plimsolls and jazzed them up with a nautical theme. It wasn't all plain sailing (yes), but look at how much snazzier they are now, adorned with a galleon and a lighthouse.

The illustration is so beautiful, it almost seems a crime to wear them, but this, of course, would be ridiculous.

Sneakers are for wearing. If you want to collect something, try Pokemon mate, or stamps. Don't know what they are? Ask Granddad.

Jordan 1

Credit: @kickstring_art on Instagram
Credit: @kickstring_art on Instagram

Now this definitely is an impractical piece of footwear. Those pins would absolutely destroy the soles of your feet, causing you an immense amount of pain.

That said, we're guessing kickstring_art designed this more in homage to the greatness of sneakers than as a blueprint for a day-to-day shoe, and we're big fans.

You can take your Monets, Carravagios and Jean Tinguelys (looked up a niche one so it'd look like we really did know about art), this is what we want hanging on our walls. A superb effort.

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