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'Bizarre' Harry Potter Illusion Is TikTok's Most Watched Video Ever

'Bizarre' Harry Potter Illusion Is TikTok's Most Watched Video Ever

The illusion clip has been viewed over 2.1 billion times

We've all seen Zach King's Harry Potter illusion video, right? It's the most-watched video on TikTok with over 2.1 billion views, so chances are you will have done, but let us jog your memory anyway:

The magician regularly blows the minds of his followers and this video is no different as he can be seen 'flying' on a broom - with no strings attached.

Zach currently has over 56 million followers, with a hefty number of those having been added since the video was first posted back in 2019, with the caption: "They rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard."

In the clip, it becomes clear after a few seconds that Zach has a large mirror hanging from the broom and he's moving on a skateboard.


There's also a fake front leg which is hanging down - its reflection makes it look as though the leg is dangling behind.

Despite Zach showing people exactly how he did it, many viewers still weren't convinced that he'd told the whole story, with some even suggesting that the illusion was done using green screens or editing.

One person wrote: "Is this one of those things where you pretend to explain the trick, but don't actually explain the trick? Because most of the video looks more like a green screen effect to me."

Can't win 'em all, eh Zach?

Sticking with the Harry Potter theme, let's not forget the guys who perfectly recreated the tune from the film using a washing machine.

One of the two friends (I'm assuming they're friends and haven't just bumped into each other at the laundrette) is standing on percussion duties, aka, the top washing machine. Using the knuckles to knock on the door, he combines this with a slam of the door to create a different sound.

The second one is kneeling on the floor, and unlike his mate who is just wearing normal clothes, is dressed as the man himself - HP. And this is where it starts to make your head hurt.

In what can only be described as Hogwarts-standard wizardry, he has worked out that putting on different settings all give a different tone of 'beep' and he's managed to work out which ones to press to recreate the famous tune.

As you can see from the video above, it looks like it would have taken them HOURS to work out.

It was shared on TikTok originally saying: "Harry Potter doing laundry be like," which then on the next clip gave a little plea to the public, with the caption: "This took hours, don't let it flop."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@zachking

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