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Ryan Reynolds Trolls Hugh Jackman As Deadpool In His Own Hotel Room

Ryan Reynolds Trolls Hugh Jackman As Deadpool In His Own Hotel Room

Hugh Jackman has posted a video to Twitter in which he tries to send a birthday greeting to someone, but it interrupted by Ryan Reynolds.

Mischa Pearlmen

Mischa Pearlmen

Is Ryan Reynolds the king of social media? Looks like he might be. Earlier today, his pal, Hugh Jackman, tweeted a video of himself trying to post a birthday message to somebody from a hotel room. The problem was that Deadpool was lying on the bed behind and made it difficult...

That's because Deadpool/Reynolds - who knows which one is in control at the moment - was singing 'Tomorrow' (a show tune from the musical Annie) behind him, interrupting his train of thought.

He then burst into 'Who Let The Dogs Out?' at the end, just to totally throw Jackman off. Because nobody needs that. Ever.

"When you're trying to record a heartfelt birthday message .... but are interrupted by the least greatest showman," wrote the Australian actor on the social media platform.

That's a reference to Jackman's starring role in The Greatest Showman, a film about American circus magnate and politician P.T. Barnum.

Jackman recently turned up at a screening of the movie and began singing along to it before cinema goers twigged he was there.

We all know that Ryan Reynolds loves to prank people, whether that's his own family or his friends in the film business. Which means that essentially Deadpool - the jaded but hilarious Marvel super anti-hero he plays - is just an exaggeration of his actual character.

Well, now real life and fiction have merged once more. For while Ryan and Hugh Jackman are good friends, they've been trolling each other ever since they starred in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie together. That's almost a decade's worth of pranks.

Marvel Entertainment / 20th Century Fox

Of course, this is just the next phase of their playful friendship, which even saw plenty of Hugh Jackman jokes featured in Deadpool, 2016's feature film dedicated solely to the devilish, reckless and profanity-loving antihero.

It's all in jest and good humour, and no doubt part of a clever but cynical marketing stunt designed to drum up even more hype for Deadpool 2.

The highly anticipated sequel opens on 18 May and sees Reynolds reprise his role as the foul-mouthed, morally dubious Marvel Comics character alongside Josh Brolin, who plays Cable, and Zazie Beetz, who returns as Domino.

Featured Image Credit: PA / Marvel Entertainment / 20th Century Fox

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