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There Was A Mini 'Lord Of The Rings' Reunion Which Makes You Miss It

Mark McGowan

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There Was A Mini 'Lord Of The Rings' Reunion Which Makes You Miss It

It's been a long time since the full cast of The Lord of the Rings was together.

The last time any of us saw them, Aragorn had been crowned the king of Gondor, Legolas had returned to the elves, and the Hobbits made their way home to the welcoming fields of The Shire.

Eventually, Frodo, along with his uncle, Bilbo, and Gandalf, sailed to The Undying Lands, where they had no intention of returning. Frodo's best friend, Samwise Gamgee, soon made the same trip, followed by Legolas and Gimli, and we all had to admit that, sadly, The Fellowship of the Ring had officially liquidated.

Now, though, all of those involved in the Lord of the Rings trilogy seem to swan about among us mere mortal folk, appearing in other worlds nowhere near as good as Middle Earth.


Last year, Legolas, or Orlando Bloom as people like to call him, revealed that his bow and skills with arrows weren't the only impressive thing about him, rocking out with a length of mithril while surfing.

The King, who for legal reasons had to eventually relinquish his place on the throne of Gondor, managed to get an Oscar nomination this year for his performance in Captain Fantastic.

Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck flew under the radar after their fellow hobbits, Frodo and Sam, left the Shire, but remained good friends through all these years, still causing mischief as they once had.


Frodo, the former ring bearer, never really heeled from the stab he received from a Morgul blade on top of Weathertop, and the illness was the main reason for sailing to the Undying Lands. He had an odd phase where he became a West Ham hooligan, becoming a part of the the Green Street Elite. In recent times, people have been quick to compare his looks to that of another protagonist of a different magical world - Harry Potter.

The point is, we miss Lord of the Rings a lot. That's why it's great a small portion of the cast reunited recently.

Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Wood and Billy Boyd got together to discuss all things Middle Earth, and even recreated an iconic scene from The Fellowship of the Ring.


It's hard to realise and come to terms with the fact the first LOTR film came out in 2001 - but when you look at Billy Boyd's current hairline, it's more blatant than ever how long ago we were blessed with Peter Jackson's cinematic masterpiece.

For some reason Elijah Wood doesn't look a day older than the first scenes he shot in Hobbiton, clearly indicating he's a shape shifting lizard.

Frodo and Sam were travelling for quite a while, leaving The Shire to meet Gandalf at the prancing Pony on T.A. 3018, September 23.


The prolonged journey, which was meant to end just a few days after it began, ended up taking six months, climaxing on Mount Doom on T.A. 3019, March 25, when Gollum bites off Frodo's finger and the ring is finally destroyed when it falls into the fires of the mountain.

Along the way they encountered Rivendell, the Mines of Moria, Lothlorien, Amon Hen, the Dead Marshes, Ithilien, Minas Morgul, Shelob's Lair, Cirith Ungol and, finally, Mordor.

Frodo, as mentioned before, eventually bitched out of Middle Earth because he was ill - resigning as Deputy Mayor of The Shire and sailing West to the Undying Lands.

Meanwhile, Samwise Gamgee fulfilled a long, three-year graft and marries Rosie Cotton. They had 13 children together and he was eventually named Mayor of The Shire, surpassing Frodo's previous role.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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Mark McGowan
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