‘Game Of Thrones’ Director Reveals What Happened To Jon Snow’s Sword

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Director Reveals What Happened To Jon Snow’s Sword


Social media was sent into meltdown following the latest Game of Thrones episode, which included a battle with the Night King, White Walkers, a very awkward encounter between Sansa and Arya, sexual tension between Jon and Dany, and so much more.

But a lot of attention went in the direction of something that most people would have missed had they blinked at the wrong moment: Jon Snow's sword.

After putting up a very good fight against the White Walkers, he was dragged into an icy lake and left for dead. But he burst through the water after Dany and his pals flew away on Drogon, with his sword resting nearby.


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Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Jon's sword, Longclaw, opened its eyes when Jon resurfaced. However, unfortunately it appears this small, exciting detail is nothing according to the director of the episode, Alan Taylor.

He told Insider: "That is so funny, somebody else mentioned that to me and I haven't got a clue what they're talking about. So, either this sword is magic and it's doing stuff on its own or something happened. I'm going to have to go back and watch that moment close up and in slow motion to see what's going on there. I can say that there was no intention for that to be the case."


Naysayers on social media were saying that the eyes were crystals and therefore what people were seeing was Jon's hand through the eye. Others believed it was just frost, which is what Alan reckons as well: "That sounds very likely because there was a lot of conversation about frost because he climbs out of the water and collapses on the ice and there's a slight time cut, so when we see him staggering to shore he's frosted up and not wet anymore because everything freezes that fast.

"I think that's a very good theory and I'm gonna go with that one until I look at it more closely and see if I can figure out what's going on.


"What's great is that people are analysing everything with such detail. It's good people are pouring so much attention into it - sometimes it blows up in our face. Like there's a heated conversation about how fast ravens can fly now because of the story in my episode. Sometimes it's not comfortable to have people analysing things too closely, but it's cool that they want to."

Well, that's mildly disappointing. Most fans would have loved to see inanimate objects start to have their own storylines.

Looks like we'll have to wait until the finale next week before new theories can come about.

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