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Gordon Ramsay Offers To Teach Lil Nas X How To Make A Panini

Gordon Ramsay Offers To Teach Lil Nas X How To Make A Panini

This panini making class could be the cherry on the cake of a massive few days for the rapper

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Gordon Ramsay has offered to make Lil Nas X a panini.

Some of you will immediately understand the significance of this, others won't be able to even big to understand it. So, sorry people who understand, but I'm gonna start from the top.

Lil Nas X performed with Miley Cyrus at Glastonbury.

Basically, Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef known for cooking food and that (you knew that, right?). Lil Nas X is a rapper, but not just any rapper, a rapper with a song called 'Panini' (starting to fall into place now isn't it?).

Yesterday (Monday), Ramsay tweeted a video in which he celebrated hitting 10,000,000 monthly subscribers on YouTube by making a burger.

Lil Nas X retweeted the vid, writing: "Teach me how to make paninis while I'm still (in) London."

The 52-year-old chef and professor of put-downs seemed more than game, replying: "Name the day..."

And there you have it, you now understand what Gordon Ramsay offering to teach Lil Nas X how to make a panini means.

Admittedly though, there are still some question marks here; principally - why doesn't Lil Nas X know how to make a panini?

Furthermore, what kind of guy doesn't know how to make a panini and then goes and releases a song called 'Panini'?

Indeed, how does any rapper release a song called 'Panini'?

Lil Nas X

Judging by the lyrics, it seems the track isn't about a sandwich.

The first verse goes: "Ay panini, don't you be a meanie,

"Thought you wanted me to go up why you tryin' to keep me teeny?"

Now I'm no rap expert, but it seems like this is about someone holding him back and not wishing him to be successful... as for why he called them a panini, I have no idea.

Perhaps he knew it could land him a one on one cooking tutorial with Gordon Ramsay? If it does happen, Ramsay best make sure to get it filmed for his 10,000,000 monthly subscribers.

Gordon Ramsay says he is up for teaching Lil Nas X how to make a panini.

As for Lil Nas X, this panini making class could be the cheesy Italian cherry on the cake of a massive few days for the rapper, who just revealed that he is gay.

The 'Old Town Road' rapper wrote: "Some of y'all already know, some of y'all don't care, some of y'all not gone fwm no more.

"But before this month ends i want y'all to listen closely to c7osure."

The lyrics for 'C7osure' read: "True say, I want and I need to let go, use my time to be free,

"Ain't no more acting, man that forecast say I should just let me grow,

"No more red light for me baby, only green, I gotta go,

"Pack my past up in the back and let my future take a hold,

"This is what I gotta do, can't be regretting when I'm old."

Afterwards, Lil Nas X also shared a photograph of the artwork to his new record and said: "Deadass thought i made it obvious."

The 20-year-old Atlanta-born rapper has had the number one song in the USA for some time now after his hit 'Old Town Road' with Billy Ray Cyrus shot to the top of the charts back in April.

Not the first clue about how to make a panini though...

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Lisa Fotios

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