Khaby Lame Hits 100 Million Followers On TikTok

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Khaby Lame Hits 100 Million Followers On TikTok

How many times do you watch a video and internally think what a load of BS that was. Some people even get angry for wasting precious moments of their life watching something utterly ridiculous. We get it, it's annoying.

One man who probably doesn't think they're that bad though is Khaby Lame. He's the bloke who posts hilarious clips calling out the stupidity of some content creators... content creators that ensure he's able to carry on making his own.

The 21-year-old made a name for himself after his videos started to pick up traction when people realised he was rinsing pointless 'life hacks'.


People started to follow him and they stayed as his clips got better and better. Now he's built up a fanbase of over 100 million followers on TikTok.

Despite passing the 100m mark, the social media star is still in second place when it comes to being the most followed TikToker in the biz. Fellow creator Charli D'Amelio is currently leading the race with an impressive 122 million.

But back to Khaby Lame.


Lame - who lives in Italy - has managed to build his fanbase without saying a single word. Instead he uses what has become his signature expression: a deadpan shrug.

Which makes ridiculing the ridiculous all the better.

Taking to social media after getting his 100 millionth follower, Lame wrote: "We reached 100M. Thanks to all my fans, thx for ur time and ur love and ur positive energy, every single thing I do is for u guys."

Commenting on his post on TikTok, one fan pointed out: "This man has 100 million followers and has never said 1 word."


Another added: "Fastest TikToker to reach 100 million! Congratulations."

A third suggested that learning at school is a bad thing while learning from Khaby got a sure fire thumbs up. We can see why...

Hundreds of others were just trying to predict whether and when Khaby will take over Charli D'Amelio, with someone suggesting it will happen by November.

Let's get an article prepared now, shall we?

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