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The Best Funny And Dank Memes Of The Year So Far

The Best Funny And Dank Memes Of The Year So Far

Here are some popular memes so far in 2018. As ever, the internet proves it's bizarre, sometimes funny, and – of course – controversial.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Right, we all know that the meme world moves too fast for everyone, so by the time you've finished reading this article there will be all new and deliciously fresh memes to get your hands on.

However, as we come to the end of the first month of the year it is worth taking a look back at what 2018 has provided us with so far in the meme world.

2017 was a pretty good year, after all. It gave us such staples as Salt Bae - a Turkish chef seductively sprinkling salt on meat, Mocking Spongebob - which is exactly what it sounds like - and who could forget Disloyal Man?

Well, 2018 is here now and all of those former favourites are dead to us. The world has turned and left them behind, and they have been replaced by other internet sensations that we will one day look back on fondly and think 'why the hell were people doing that?'

First up, let's address the American craze that has given one social media guy the worst few weeks of his life. I'm talking - of course - about Tide Pods.

For those who are unfamiliar, Tide Pods are laundry tablets (basically the same thing as an Ariel Liquitab if you're in the UK).

There has been discussion online about how delicious they look for a few years now, but this January it got out of control. 'The Tide Pod Challenge' sparked a whole load of reports of kids eating the washing tablets and then daring others to do the same.

This led to the social media guy working for Tide having to post the number of the local poison centre every 5 minutes.

It may all seem pretty funny - but obviously don't go eating washing tablets.

Moving swiftly on (and before anyone gets any more bad ideas) let's talk about Ugandan Knuckles.

Ugandan Knuckles is a culturally insensitive version of the Echidna character Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog. He speaks in a fake African accent and has taken over a popular chat room with thousands of people using him as their avatar.

Like all of these kinds of things on the internet, it is exactly as bizarre as that, and has no greater explanation. It's also a bit racist - which is not OK, so let's move on.

Only slightly less culturally offensive is the "Somebody toucha my spaghet!" meme.

Credit: PewDiePie / YouTube

Made popular by YouTuber PewDiePie after he mentioned it in one of his videos, it is a clip from a Goldilocks cartoon made in 1939.

Basically, the bears arrive home to find that Goldilocks has eaten some of their tea and the big bear says "Somebody toucha my spaghet!" - That's literally all you need to know, go and search it out.

So there are a few of the biggies from the first month of the year, if you aren't happy - go and make your own bloody memes. Also, remember, there's plenty of time - a year is a long time on the internet.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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