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This Cucumber Is Predicting The Results Of Euro 2016

This Cucumber Is Predicting The Results Of Euro 2016

The new Paul the octopus?

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Way back in 2010, an octopus named Paul took the world by storm, as it appeared to correctly predict the results of the World Cup.

Paul's dead now.

But fear not, because now there is a cucumber predicting the results at this year's Euros.

Admittedly, the cucumber, which hails from Finland and is called Ennustajakurkku, doesn't have a 100% track record, but it's gotten pretty close.

After each prediction, if it comes through, a post will follow saying 'Näin ilmoitin', which translates to 'I announced this'.

It works in the same way a game of spin the bottle works. After spinning the cucumber, which ever team the tip points to is predicted as the winner.

So far it has correctly predicted the results to Russia vs Slovakia, Romania vs Switzerland and Spain vs Czech Republic.

One of the incorrect results it predicted was in the Ireland vs Sweden game.

Ennustajakurkku, however, had a reputable excuse.

"Cucumber denies a mistake: 'I foresaw two Ireland goals, but my interpreters didn't understand that one was going into their own net'" - referring to Ciaran Clark's own goal.

So far the cucumber has just over 1,000 followers, waiting on the next prediction.

After the tournament, I guess it'll be thrown or ingested.

Words by Mark McGowan

Featured image credit: Ennustajakurkku via Facebook

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