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The £540 Alexander McQueen Trainers Compared To Plain Pair Covered In Curry Sauce

The £540 Alexander McQueen Trainers Compared To Plain Pair Covered In Curry Sauce

Kera Maclean tweeted her shock at the similarity between some Alexander McQueen trainers with a design and her own with curry sauce on

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

It's always pretty demoralising when you spend a shit tonne of money on something only for there to be an exact replica that was a lot cheaper.

Take these Alexander McQueen trainers as a prime example. They're £540 ($690) a pair and they have a huge pink coloured splodge on the front.

But one girl notice a similarity to her plain white trainers, which had been...decorated' with a spilt tub of curry sauce.

Kera's tweet has been appreciated by many people.
Jam Press

Kera Maclean, a 20-year-old Psychology student from Glasgow, Scotland, spotted the similarity between the very expensive Alexander McQueen sneakers and a pair she ruined on a night out by spilling an Indian dip over them. Gutted.

Kera's were cheaper, not surprisingly - although not by much. Her plain white trainers were £360 ($460).

Kara tweeted: "Howling why do these Alexander mcqueens look like mines when I spilt pakora sauce on them"...

Kera has now racked up over 3,000 likes on her tweet, with one person commenting: "Pakora cotoure," before another joked: "Dae u wear Alexander McQueen's".

The £540 trainers.
Jam Press

The Alexander McQueen website describes their own variation of the shoe as a 'White calf leather lace-up sneaker with pink velvet spray detail'

They sell them on the website in both white and 'sugar pink' and white and black. Neither of which I would want to trouble anyone by attaching to their feet. Oh and what's better you get an... additional set of shoelaces. Well, I'm swayed.

Kera Maclean.
Jam Press

It's not been a good year for fashion, it;s fair to say.

Another fad that got people wondering what was possibly going wrong with the world was when Fashion Nova released a Matrix-esque outfit.

On their website, the item is called the 'Buckle Up Mock Neck Romper'. It's going for a fairly pricey $49.99 (around £39) - given the amount of material you actually get.

Here is Fashion Nova's romper that caused a stir.
Fashion Nova

Of course, it comes in different colours, so if you feel like you're not quite eye catching enough in boring old black, you can also get it in neon yellow too. The romper, which has biker shorts, long sleeves, a zip neck and a load of buckles all over the show, also has some cut out sections.

The cut outs don't leave a lot at all to the imagination, with bits on the front and thighs, as well as a hefty portion of under boob.

And what buckle up romper is complete without a pair of Matrix inspired shades to finish off the look?

It's fashion, darling.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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