Conspiracy Theory Claims Tupac Switched Places With Body Double Before Death

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Conspiracy Theory Claims Tupac Switched Places With Body Double Before Death

Another day, another conspiracy theory about Tupac Shakur - this one pins on a bizarre claim that the rapper switched places with a mysterious body double just hours before he was shot in Las Vegas in 1996.


CCTV footage has been shared online which - the theorists claim - shows the 25-year-old rapper swapping places with someone else at the MGM Grand where he had gone to see a Mike Tyson fight.

Sharing the grainy footage online, YouTube channel WiredUp TV claims the rapper ducks into the thronging crowd.


A man known only as Danny explains: "Tupac appears to dive into a crowd of people.

"See the way his right leg crosses strangely across the backside his left. This indicates jumping or diving to the ground.

"Before his leg disappears, another Tupac appears and takes off running. He then runs to catch Suge Knight."

He then adds: "You can see another person dressed exactly the same as Tupac."


There have been plenty of previous 'sightings' of the late rapper over the years - and the conspiracy theorists went into overdrive when Suge Knight said that Tupac had spoken about faking his own death.

He said: "We was in Maui, you know what I mean, and Pac had, like, never been to Maui. And he got to talking about faking his own death."

Credit: Tupac Shakur/Interscope Records
Credit: Tupac Shakur/Interscope Records

Appearing once again on WiredUp TV (are you sensing a pattern?), the woman said: "In 2014, Tupac was in St Louis.

"I met a few people in St Louis in 2014, I met Mystikal. Busta Rhymes, I met Busta Rhymes."

A host from WiredUpTV explained that the woman was a model and had hung out with lots of celebrities in the past.

He said: "She said that Tupac was there, he wasn't there rapping anything, she saw a guy... with a sweater, coughing and he looked around and she said 'Tupac?' because she's met him before.


"And he turned around, looked at her, and kind of walked away and she followed him. And he got into a car... but she said that he took his hoodie off and gave her a smile, gave her a kiss and said that he did remember her."

Featured Image Credit: WiredUp TV/Interscope Records

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