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Daniel Radcliffe Has A Bunch Of Lookalikes From Across History

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Daniel Radcliffe Has A Bunch Of Lookalikes From Across History

We've all got a mate who looks like Daniel Radcliffe - or more specifically, we've all got a mate who looks like Harry Potter.

So, when Harry Daniel appeared on The Graham Norton Show the host took a bit of time out to show him some of his finest lookalikes from right across history.

Some of them are really uncanny; some of them are just people wearing round glasses.

There was this one:


This one looks more like Harry Potter than Daniel does. Credit: YouTube

This one:


Credit: YouTube

And, this one:

Credit: YouTube


Daniel was quick to point out one thing, though, pretty much all of his lookalikes are women, which can't be good for the ego of the former Hogwarts' pupil.

Credit: The Graham Norton Show/BBC

He said: "It's very rarely men or boys.


"These are all of my past lives, and I'm a slightly depressed lady in a lot of them."

'You're a slightly depressed woman, Harry' doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?

This isn't the first time Daniel has come face-to-face with former incarnations of himself, in fact, Graham has already pointed some out to him in the past.

And when appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last year, he was once again, presented with a lot of old women who looked like him. He told the host that he didn't know why he looked so much like a 'stern lady'.


One more and then I'll stop:

Nightmare fuel. Credit: The Tonight Show

Leo, is that you?

Daniel really shouldn't feel too bad about looking like a stern woman from the past, though, because he's in good company.

Leonardo DiCaprio is also a time travelling woman, albeit a bit of a happier woman. Don't believe me?

Then explain this:

Credit: Imgur

And, I can't talk about Leo lookalikes without a quick mention of the best one of all: Roman Burtsev.


Credit: Instagram/roman_sdicaprio

Our pal Roman has actually carved himself a pretty successful career being a, sort of, Tesco Value version of Leo.

He's appeared in his own reality show in his native Russia and also became the face of a vodka brand, Pyat Ozer Vodka, where he was used in an advert that got a bit meta and Roman was fed up of his life of fakery and just wants something real. That something being Russian vodka, apparently.

If you ask Roman, he actually reckons he's luckier than The Wolf of Wall Street star, when he learnt that Leon had (finally) won an Oscar he was reported as saying: "He got an Oscar? So what? This is just a useless piece of metal. Leo doesn't have the most important thing, which is a family."

I'm sure will console himself with his millions of dollars and Victoria Secret models, to be honest.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Claire Reid
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