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Superfans Identify The Weird Link Between 'Friends' And 'Home Alone'

Superfans Identify The Weird Link Between 'Friends' And 'Home Alone'

Did Chandler and Monica move into the McAllister's house?

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Believe it or not, Friends ended almost 14 years ago. Makes you feel old that, doesn't it? In the years that have since passed since the show ended we've probably all seen every episode at least 15 times, thanks to E4 and Comedy Central repeats.

However, every now and again someone spots something that we've never noticed before, like that weird stand-in for Monica who looked nothing like her or the scene where Matt LeBlanc breaks character by laughing his head off.

Now, an eagle-eyed viewer has noticed that when Monica and Chandler fled the busy streets of New York for a quiet suburb in the tenth season, they ended up in the McAllisters' house from Home Alone.

Yup, as spotted by 22 Vision, the Bing's new house appears to be on the exact same street that sadistic child Kevin McAllister terrorised poor Harry and Marv on Christmas Eve.

So, did the Bings move to Chicago where Home Alone is set? No, of course not. None of this real.

The real reason is that stock footage from Home Alone was used to create the scene beyond the windows in the Bing's new gaff, as you can see in this screen shot from the episode:

Check out the house with the blue and white garage in Friends. Credit: Warner Bros

The house with the blue wreath on the front door and the house with the blue and white garage, both of which featured in Home Alone, can also been seen through the window in the house Monica and Chandler buy to raise their two kids.

Mind blown, eh?

Here it is in Home Alone:

And her it is in Home Alone. Credit: 20th Century Fox/22 Vision

With Friends airing almost 15 years after Home Alone was released, the crew probably thought no one would notice, but they've really underestimated Friends superfans and their ability to spot every single detail.

Let's hope the McAllisters got rid of all those booby traps, eh? Wouldn't fancy Chandler's chances against a swinging paint can to the head or Monica versus a bunch of Micro Machines.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox/Warner Bros

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