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Instagram Model Becomes Laughing Stock With Badly Translated Tattoo

Instagram Model Becomes Laughing Stock With Badly Translated Tattoo

Naz Mila had the huge tat down the side of her body and it reads: "I can judge a single god with my wrongs and wrongs." Makes sense to us...

Got any tattoos? You think they're going to be artistic statements that define your attitude to life in a beautifully illustrated poetic way, then it turns out you've just got the Korean character for 'I'm a right bollocks, me' etched on your arse.

Is this the sort of thing you'll want permanently marked on your body by the time you're 70? Probably not. And something else you wouldn't want inked into your skin is a load of absolute gobbledygook.

This is something reality TV star Naz Mila is all too familiar with, having used an online translation programme to determine the words she had inscribed down the side of her body.


Written in black ink, all the way from her chest to her knees, it says: "I can judge a single god with my wrongs and wrongs."

Not quite making sense of it? Us either.

It's believed that Mila was trying to convey the popular Turkish phrase: "Only God can judge my mistakes and truths."

To be fair it only makes a fraction more sense than what she ended up with. And God will definitely be judging.


I probably speak for a minority of people here when I say 'we've all been there'... everyone's felt tempted to get that daft tattoo on their first LADs' holiday - some maybe went through with it right to the bitter end and now they're left with a fading expletive. But it's written in Greek, so that makes everything better.

Maybe I am talking about myself. Maybe I'm not.

It's one of those things that you might regret, but at least it provides fond memories of a good time - unless of course you've had the lyrics to 'Baby Shark' etched along your arm, Keith Lemon's face on your arse or the words 'I'm a thief' tattooed on your forehead.

Mila, originally from Azerbaijan, was one of the most popular stars of With Zuhal Topal, a Turkish matchmaking show in which male contestants try to find a bride.

She has been regularly sharing selfies with her army of more than 850,000 followers on Instagram, after the show was taken off air after allegations that contestants had sex for money.

But in one of her recent posts, showing off her new tat, she probably didn't get the response she intended.

Mila is seen giving fans a 'V' sign, while her tattooist is seen pointing proudly at his handiwork, both seemingly completely oblivious to the embarrassing mistake.

She had the tattoo done at the Ramazan Silver tattoo and piercing parlour in Istanbul.

Taking to social media, someone said: "Both the tattoo artist and the girl are douches," while another added: "One word - disgusting."

A third also noted: "Who'd marry her anyway? Look at this disgrace, you'd have to be out of your mind!"

Bit harsh, like. Still, does anyone know of any good laser clinics?

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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