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Man's 'Boyfriend' Of One Year Turns Out To Be Catfishing Woman Seeking Revenge

Man's 'Boyfriend' Of One Year Turns Out To Be Catfishing Woman Seeking Revenge

Alex once called Jess 'boring' at a party, and she decided to exact revenge with an elaborate catfishing scheme

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A 30-year-old from Kent has discovered a person he thought was his boyfriend was actually a woman who was attempting to get revenge on him for calling her 'boring' at a party once.

Hastings hairdresser Alex had been 'with' his boyfriend for around a year, but never actually met him in person before, leading him to suspect that he wasn't real at all.

So, he enlisted the help of Oobah Butler and Julie Adenuga from MTV show Catfish UK to see if they could get to the bottom of it, but even they couldn't have predicted what they would discover at the end.

The climax of the show revealed that 'Matt' was in fact a woman called Jess who got p***ed off with Alex when she overheard him calling her 'boring' at a party.

Here's Jess, who set up the elaborate catfishing scam.

She decided to exact her revenge by playing a trick on him, pretending to be a man - even using a voice changing app for their phone conversations - and roping him into a relationship.

Now, Alex couldn't even remember meeting Alex, but she clearly took the slight personally and admitted her 'anger got the best of her', accusing Alex of acting like a 'billy big b***ocks'.

She even managed to get Alex to agree to getting Matt's initials tattooed on his ring finger.

Alex explained: "We really clicked and it felt like we've known each other forever. We talk every day and sometimes speak on the phone, but he always makes excuses not to video call.

"There's just something about that boy that makes me happy."

Jess pretended to be Matt online to fool Alex.

However, he added: "He never wants to FaceTime. I've tried to call a couple times but he's not picked up. But he means a lot to me."

That's because he isn't real.

The Catfish UK team managed to track down an Instagram account that seemed suspicious, which led them to Charles, who is the REAL Matt's fiancé, which initially gave them an answer to why he would be reticent to video call.

Eventually, they managed to convince 'Matt' to meet at Hastings Castle, but were shocked when Jess showed up.

At first, she was unapologetic.

"It feel like s*** doesn't it?" she said.

"When you stand there s*** people off, it upsets people,

"I need to teach you a lesson, you don't go s***ing off people."

Alex allegedly called Jess 'boring' at a party.

Jess then explained: "I didn't mean to take it this far, but my anger got the best of me.

"You don't s*** people off. It's as simple as that.

"I've never done this before, but I like getting reactions online. It's funny."

After a few months had passed, Jess' feelings had softened, and she did eventually admit to feeling 'really bad' and even apologised to Alex.

Still, it's a stark warning to take great care when you meet someone online, because there's every chance they're not who they seem.

Featured Image Credit: MTV

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