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The Best Celebrity Photoshop Fails Of All Time

The Best Celebrity Photoshop Fails Of All Time

It’s all well and good until someone loses an arm…

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Keeping track of celebrity culture can be tiring. We are often presented with an unrealistic view of the lives of the rich and famous, all through scrolling through Instagram or whatever social media platform takes our fancy.

One way that this warped world view is helped is through Photoshopping images. Most celebrities present tampered versions of themselves online to try to look as flawless and perfect as possible.

This isn't a great example to set to younger people, or anyone really. Real people have spots and get colds and have bad hair days - and celebs are no exception.

There is some good news though - sometimes they get it badly wrong. True Photoshop skill is being able to mess with a photo and have nobody know that you've done it.

This is a fact that some celebrities forget and - even more unforgivably - magazines sometimes forget too. Just the other week Vanity Fair accidentally messed up and gave Reese Witherspoon three legs, and Oprah Winfrey three hands.

But that isn't the end of the matter. Here's another load of doctored photos that celebrities or magazines got badly wrong.

First up is Britney Spears - she thought she'd post up a lovely photo of her looking all natural having a nice lie down by a pool.

The only problem was that whoever edited the photo managed to Photoshop the edge of the pool out from underneath her when they were trying to give her a more shapely back... Or whatever the hell it was they were trying to do.


Where to even begin with this photo of Lindsey Lohan? Apparently her arse lives in a weird vortex that warps light around it. Either that or she isn't very good at editing photos.

What's going on with the warped door frame Lindsay?

Now let's move onto the Royal Family. This was from when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released one of the first photos of their lovely family just in time for Christmas.

As usual, they all looked absolutely perfect. Or did they? Twitter was quick to spot that Princess Charlotte looked to have been Photoshopped in.

The poor girl.

The moral of the story is to use Photoshop wisely. If you're going to mess with photos, you'd better at least be good at it.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/BritneySpears

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