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There Is A New Kim Kardashian Robbery Theory And It Centres On Her Derrière

There Is A New Kim Kardashian Robbery Theory And It Centres On Her Derrière

The biggest arse in showbiz.

Abby Robinson

Abby Robinson

The Internet breeds conspiracy theories and, admittedly, some of them can be rather convincing.

And this one could have some weight. Actually, less weight, because it revolves around her shrinking sphincter (well, arse in general actually, it's just that had a ring to it). Double pun. LAUGH!

A number of people have been comparing photos of the reality star from before and after the robbery, and have come to the conclusion that the 36-year-old staged the ordeal so that she could get a butt reduction. Seems legit.

The following photo was taken at the Met gala before the events of 3rd October, when Kim K was reportedly tied up and held at gunpoint in her Paris apartment while millions of pounds' worth of jewellery was stolen.

Massive arse! Huge. Gargantuan. Credit: PA

This photo, which shows her and her daughter North enjoying some Halloween fun, was taken a couple of weeks ago.

Much smaller. Credit: Instagram

There is definitely a noticeable difference and people have been sharing their thoughts on social media.

Perhaps it's just the angle, or maybe she did decide to have some work done. Probably a bit of an unlikely tail to say she concocted the whole robbery thing, though.

Bit of a bum story if you ask me.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Featured Image Credit:

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