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'Time Traveller' From Year 2063 Says Time Travel Will Become Open To The Public

'Time Traveller' From Year 2063 Says Time Travel Will Become Open To The Public

A self-proclaimed time traveller has said he has 'proof' he is from the future, but he's scared he will get into a lot of trouble if he shows it to us.


Appearing on YouTube channel ApexTV, the man - who calls himself Mason - also revealed that time travel will be opened to the public pretty soon.

Hiding his identity behind a cartoon, Mason claimed that he is a legit time traveller but 'no one believes' him.

Mason explained that he is from the year 2063 and, if you're sticking around for that long, he has some good news.


"Life in the future was great," Mason said. "The technology was really advanced. All diseases were cured. And I loved spending time in virtual reality with my friends."

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Sounds good, eh? Admittedly, I'm not sure why he would refer to it as 'the future' when it was actually just his normal life. But far be it from me to pick holes in Mason's testimony.

He went on to add that he took a job at a time travel agency, which is 'basically a company that sends people back in time to map out the past'.

If you're now reading this and thinking, 'oh I quite fancy a bit of time travel', then you'll be pleased to know that - according to our man Mason - it'll be released to the public in less than a decade's time, in the year 2028.

But to take advantage of the tech you'll need to pass a 'health exam' as well as fill in a 'bunch of documents saying you'll never tell anyone in the past that you're a time traveller'. It looks as though Mason has well and truly broken that rule by creating a YouTube video to tell us all about it, eh?

Mason went on to explain he was given the job at the agency and was sent to back to January 2019, tasked with filming 'everyday life' and living 'like someone from the past'. Although he initially enjoyed the job, he said he started to miss his 'old life in the future' - as clear as mud, all of this, isn't it?

This is where Mason hit a snag, because he's not able to go back to the future until the end of 2019, so instead of sucking it up and getting on with it, he's decided to tell everyone that time travel is possible and he is from the future. The problem is, no one believes him. Funny that.

Mason said he does have some 'proof' in the form of his teeny time machine, but he's worried that if he starts whipping that out to show people it may cause a 'paradox' and he'll end up in huge trouble.

He's now debating doing an interview with ApexTV to show his time machine as well as share some news about huge events in the future, but, again, he's scared of consequences.

To encourage him to take part in an interview, Mason wants you guys to comment below the video on YouTube, which you can do here, if you fancy it.

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