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You Can Buy A 'FIFA Loser' Trophy For Someone Who Is Bad At FIFA

You Can Buy A 'FIFA Loser' Trophy For Someone Who Is Bad At FIFA

At £19.99 ($25), this gift from FBAce would be worth it even if it was just to see the look on their face

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

Did you forget to get your mate a Christmas present? Is your mate absolutely woeful at FIFA? Ladies and gentlemen, we have the solution to all your gift-giving problems.

You can now purchase a 'FIFA Loser' trophy thanks to the convenience of Amazon, and at the reasonable price of £19.99 ($25), this gift from FBAce would be worth it even if it was just to see the look on their face.

If you think this a cheap piece of tat, think again. This is a high-grade trophy constructed from gold resin. Complete with gold plaque engraved with 'FIFA Loser'.

Here is it, your pal's new trophy.

Another angle of the FIFA Loser trophy.

Ready for pride of place on the mantelpiece.

It is currently 282,047 in the Amazon Sports & Outdoors section, so what are you waiting for?

Alternatively, you could order the 'I'm Shit At FIFA' t-shirt. Or, even better - get the pair to go alongside each other.

The t-shirt is also from Amazon (you'd be saving on delivery...) and will set you back £8.99 ($11) not bad, not bad at all.

'I'm Shit At FIFA' t shirt.

Maybe the receiver could even proudly sport the memorabilia out in public. We all know FIFA is fine and dandy in the confines of your own home but what about somewhere like, let's say the local cinema? That would ramp things up to a completely new level.

YouTuber IbraTV - real name Ibrahim Tsetchoev - decided to do exactly that last year and in turn, made millions of people extremely jealous.

Ibrahim and a friend filmed themselves hiding in a cinema overnight to play a number of PlayStation games, including FIFA and Call Of Duty, as they set up a projector in the empty screening room.

The pair are seen hiding in a toilet at the beginning of the 11 minute clip, and slowly walk toward the screening room to play FIFA among others games.

Their antics have since picked up three million views on YouTube.

He wrote on his official channel: "In this video you will see what we did to stay locked in a cinema and play PlayStation by projecting the images on screen."

Image: IbraTV
Image: IbraTV

On the topic of FIFA, Bundesliga side Hoffenheim have well and truly revolutionised the training ground game by erecting a massive screen to analyse opponents and work on mistakes in real time.

Oh, and they have a cheek game of FIFA every now and then.

Do Hoffenheim want me to have a game or two? Because I'm more than happy to fly over and take on Andrej Kramaric and Oliver Baumann.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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