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Google Maps Street View Captures Man Doing A Poo On Roadside

Google Maps Street View Captures Man Doing A Poo On Roadside

Some people are wondering if it's the Google Maps driver being caught short...

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Google Maps users are in stitches after a man having a poo at the side of the road was captured by Street View.

The photo was shared to a Google Maps sub-Reddit by a user with the name absorbscroissants.

While a lot of the UFO sightings made by Google Maps enthusiasts can be a bit dubious, there's no denying what this man was doing when the Google Maps driver went past.

The screenshot shows a man, spotted on the side of the road somewhere in Roosendaal in the Netherlands, stooping down on the ground with his trousers and underwear down by his ankles. And we've got to say, this is one occasion we're actually quite glad of the poor image quality on Street View.

Google Street View captures man pooing at the side of the road. (

One Reddit user replied: "If this isn't something to be proud of, I don't know what is."

Another said: "Imagine forever being the Google Earth Pooper."

Another joked: "When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Wonder if that's the Google driver?" We're not sure the Google Driver would have been so daft as to have done it in the view of the camera. It would be pretty ironic though.

The exact coordinates of the "Google Earth Pooper" weren't given. One of the Reddit users has commented and asked, but so far, no response.

This isn't the only time humans doing something inappropriate on a roadside have been captured on Google Street View. This couple were caught having sex on the car bonnet on a road in Australia. And this couple were captured doing a bit of er.. Mountain mounting in Taiwan.

In other Google Maps news, a Reddit user posted a screenshot of an exploded building in North Korea.

And when we're not freaking out at possible UFO sightings or laughing at human fails on there, Google Maps is actually a useful tool for finding places - we don't know whether you knew this?

Even the I'm a Celebrity jungle camp in Australia can be found on Google Maps.

Or if you're more of a Love Island fan, you can find the villa on Google Maps too. Although the couples in there know they're on camera and they keep any getting busy strictly to the hideaway.Featured Image Credit: Reddit/absorbscroissants

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