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Is Eye-Bombing Going To Be The Next Viral Craze?

Is Eye-Bombing Going To Be The Next Viral Craze?

Viral crazes come in all shapes and sizes. You get some like the duct tape challenge that are nothing short of monumentally moronic and then you get some like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which are, you know, kind of nice.

And then you get potential viral crazes like eye-bombing which I can only hope and pray catches on.

Nme is a 34-year-old full time street artist working in the south west of England and he created eye-bombing one day when he opened a draw in his home to find an old packet of googly eyes staring back at him.

"They stayed in my pocket for a few days until I ventured out and about and started sticking them to various everyday objects I found on my walks. If I'm honest I was doing it for my own amusement," he told us.


And now he's doing it for all of our amusement as well.

"I was taking photos but not actually posting them online back then. I showed a few to my friend who found them really funny. I decided to post them online and was blown away by the response so I carried on doing it every day," Nme continued.

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"After eye-bombing a lot, you start to find yourself looking at everything in a different light. Could that be a face? Is that a face? If I put those eyes there, will that look like a face?"

"It really is all just a bit of fun but also hopefully bringing a smile to the face of a passer-by. I can guarantee that if you also take part in eye-bombing, you'll also catch the addiction."

If you like Nme's eye-bombing, you might like to check out even more of his work on his Facebook page.

Is eye-bombing the next viral craze? The child in me seriously hopes so.

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