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Prankster Eats Banana Seductively Outside Chinese Embassy To Protest Ban

Prankster Eats Banana Seductively Outside Chinese Embassy To Protest Ban

You may or may not have seen recently a story doing the rounds that China has banned people from filming themselves eating bananas seductively.

According to reports from state-owned news channels, new regulations mean live-streaming sites need to monitor their output to make sure nothing slightly risque is going on.

That includes banana-eating, wearing stockings and suspenders and anything considered 'erotic'. Of course, that throws up the question, 'What is erotic?' because, for me, watching a girl devour some chicken wings is hot and for someone else it could easily be something not quite so innocent. But hey, what do I know compared to the Chinese government?

As you can imagine, there was genuine uproar in China that people's artistic flair was being suppressed and that the new censorships were just stupid, not 'protecting social morality'.


And so to that end, YouTube prankster Phil Watson decided to take a stand against the new laws by standing outside the Chinese embassy in London and eating a banana erotically.

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This is how all protests should be. I'd take this far more seriously than any picket line.


Words by George Pavlou

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